Stephen King

I’ve just read the first two books of Stephen King’s Dark Tower series and thought that they were excellent, in that really weird style of writing he has. I also read The Stand which was also incredible. Anyway, I was wondering what people thought of his other Dark Tower books and what their favorite of all his books was. At the moment, mine’s the Stand.

Oh, we’re all soooo impressed, you know how to read, we’re all VERY PROUD OF YOU!

Uh, no need to get offensive, I was just posting to give people something to talk about. I’m just interested in what people think about the books, 'cause I don’t want to waste money on them if they suck. Screw you Jcharlemagne.

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I haven’t read the Dark Tower series though.

Yay, a proper opinion.

I started a thread like this awhile ago. I love SK. I think my favorite of his books are Christine, bag of Bones, and Desperation/The Regulators. They’re all so different from each other and amazing. Especially Desperation. Freaky book.

I haven’t read any of the Dark Tower series yet. I know I should. I can’t imagine SK writing fantasy books…aren’t they along those lines?

I tried to get into the Stand, but…couldnt. it didn’t help that I had the uneditted version, so the beginning was insanely boring and I gave up.

:open_mouth: screw me?! i’m not the one gloating about my reading skills.

Not exactly, they’re more sci-fi then fantasy and mixed in with fiction written in his totally weird yet well held together way. And in my experience from just general reading when I get the chance, all his books are freaky. But the good kinda freaky. And yeah, I know what you mean about the Stand, the start almost bored me to death, but once it started moving it was really good.

I’m not gloating about my reading skills, merely stating that I had read these books and would like to get other people’s opinions. Clearly you made something out of it that I didn’t intend, Jcharle. Why the hell would I gloat about reading skills?

It’s ok, I forgive you-

Don’t pay attention to Charle, Darkness, he just likes to stir up trouble sometimes. :hahaha;

Oh well, keeps things interesting I suppose.

I remember a lot of the events that happened in that sereies, I’ve gone all the way to Wizard and Glass, the fourth book, I enjoyed The Drawing Of The Three a great deal. No particular reason, but I guess that would be because of Eddie. Smartass. The thing is, the way Stephen King shapes him through the third and second book (which I enjoyed) makes him a bit more realistic instead of a generic smartaleck character. I thought that the Gunslinger and Eddie’s relationship as…well, “friends” I guess was believable enough, and likable enough.

There’s only one book left in the series, Song of Susannah just came out, The Dark Tower’ll be out before ya know it, Stephen King’s been churning the last two in a frenzy it almost seems.

I haven’t read any Stephen King, but I have seen many of his TV miniseries and movies. :smiley:

That aside, I do want to read The Stand and the story Shawshank Redemption is based off of.

I watched Dreamcatcher and my grandmother told me it was very close to the book but that the book left some things open to interpretation.

ive read Christine , and i liked it. It was pretty cool. And after that I havent read any Steven king book. the only series ive actually read was the Chronicles of Narnia back when I was 11. :hahaha; yeah thats about it. Though Im hoping to read the all of Steven Kings books…its just that…Im too dam lazy :boring:

It’s NOT…especially the ending. Read the book before you watch the movie because it wont make sense to you. The ending is totally different in the movie, than the book.

I fairly sure he’s already finished writing the Dark Tower series - I think after the last book is out he’ll “retire”. He wanted to make sure to finish the story before that happened.

Shawshank Redemption is in the book Different Seasons as are the story The Body for which the movie Stand by Me was made off of. There’s also Apt Pupil and one other story which I can’t remember the title for.

I thought Carrie was a short, decent read.

i love stephen king’s stuff, i’m halfway thru wizard & glass now. these books own. :slight_smile: