Stephen Colbert Roasts Bush

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

You might or might not find this funny, but I found it hilarious, especially the third part. Too bad the audience did not share in the joy; many apparantly walked out during the performance, and Bush was close to punching Colbert out. It’s just sad that nobody gets the entire Colbert Report yet.

George W. Bush: a great president or <i>the greatest</i> president?


Colbert played his “know everything know-nothing” conservative pundit persona brilliantly. And it took some huge balls to give that speech right next to the president…

Now, many conservative pundits say his speech “bombed.” I don’t think so. But it was very awkward, no doubt. For one, the organizers mispronounced the name of his show (the “t” in “Colbert Report” is silent, nimwit), which tells me they don’t really “get” his whole bit. When in the presence of such power players, even the Hollywood types there (George Clooney, for example) probably felt uncomfortable laughing. I’m no fan of the president, but I’d find it hard to laugh at him in person. Ironically, the only person I saw laughing like a schoolgirl was Justice Scalia!

Recall Bush’s “WMD search” bit at the press dinner a few years back, where he went to people’s tables looking for weapons of mass destruction. Given the circumstances of the Iraq War, I found this bit tasteless. Yet the president gets his panties in a knot over Colbert’s speech.

Ultimately, you have to appreciate Colbert’s wit and huge balls. But I think any non-partisan person sees that it was ultimately out of place – though that doesn’t negate the humor.

PS: The media shot themselves in the foot by not reporting on Colbert’s speech. Again, the dinosaur news organizations underestimated the Internet’s ability to disseminate information, especially about cult hero Stephen Colbert.


lav <3

I love how people love to attack “the media,” but they did cover this story, and most others that people love to complain that they don’t cover. Of course, that depends on which show you’re watching. Fox News was going to ignore this story, most conservative correspondants would, too. I tend to get my news from MSNBC, where Keith Olbermann devoted a full segment of his show to Colbert, even commending him for his courage, even if no one else in the room appreciated it.

I caught this on c-span the other night and loved it. He was funny and not intimidated at all.

I imagine Olbermann covered the story because Colbert slammed Fox News, where Keith’s archrival O’Reilly just so happens to work… Those two still fighting on air like 10-year-olds?

And almost all initial reports did ignore Colbert’s speech. I don’t think it’s a big deal because the event isn’t that newsworthy to begin with, but it’s journalistically inaccurate to withhold information. To the media’s credit, I support them not showing clips of Colbert’s speech and instead airing Bush’s impersonator. The latter is much easier to contextualize in a 30-second story.

The only reason this matters is because a lot of the bloggers are Colbert fans and they’re pissed.

PS: And Olbermann’s coverage (like any other windbag pundit) carries less gravity than wire reports in the NYT or LA Times, etc.

HAHAHAHA! oh man, that was great. The thing I’m wondering is how the hell did he get that opportunity? How was he allowed to do that??? I’m surprised he isn’t claimed missing after that! ahaha.

wow o_o. I can’t believe he said all this.

Its good to see they haven’t changed the guy who reviews speeches and the likes since the State of the Union address about uranium in Africa.

Wow. Kudos to the man. He has got balls to say that practically to the President’s face.

I think it’s because some people, particularly those who decided who would be speaking, watched his show and missed the obvious satire and humor of it. Assuming you miss that, he could seem conservative.

If they even watched his show, that is. It might have just been “Oh look who’s popular on TV! Let’s put him on as a speaker.”

Well, O’Reilly has been threatening anyone who mentions Olbermann on his radio show with “Fox Security” and the local authorities, and Olbermann cites Bill O’s hypocracy as often as possible.

PS: And Olbermann’s coverage (like any other windbag pundit) carries less gravity than wire reports in the NYT or LA Times, etc.

Well, you could really say that about any news article, because almost every news correspondant puts their personal flair on any story. I prefer my newsmen-and-women show some emotion when presenting a story. Obviously, Olbermann leans a little more toward my liberal beliefs, but I tend to watch Joe Scarborough and Tucker Carlson many nights, who are both very hard neo-cons, and Chris Matthews who, despite working for the Carter administration, seems to be agreeing with President Bush quite a lot lately.

I think they watch the show, and they see things like this:

and they just assume he’s being 100% serious.

Which only goes further to prove how well the administration does its research before inviting a comedian or invading a small Middle-eastern country.

Yeah, you’d think they would have known Iraq was only joking.

Anyways, I doubt they even watched the show. It is on the Comedy Network for fucks sake.

My favourite part of his speech is when he makes the joke about glaciers and then says “Cherish that joke by the way, because your grandchildren won’t know what glaciers are.” How unfortunately true.

I’m going to put you down for “Great” just to show people you didn’t vote for “<i>the greatest</I>.”

But it’s nice to see Colbert get to the truthiness of the matter.

Our President doesn’t just stand for things he stands <i>on</i> things!

*Clap, clap, clap. ‘That was great.’