STED: Starfield of Memorable Relics

Yup, i’m back… and nope, i don’t come with glorious news that i’ve beaten STED. Actually i still haven’t gotten past my currently dilemma… i’m really starting to thing the game is broken. :hyperven:

Though just curious if anyone else who’s posted here has had time to make some progress? I’ve made some maps and did a walkthru up to the point where i’m stuck… but still stuck. :frowning:

I’m determind and everyone will suffer with me!!! Mwhahahahaha~ah! :hahaha; :hahaha;

Okay, so i’m seriously necroposting here… but this should give people a better background as to what i just posted about yesterday with STED.

I need to finish up my walkthru with all the new info so you too can beat this pain in the butt game! :smiley:

I think i’m the only one who’s beaten it too since it’s been translated. I guess i just like abuse or something…

By all means, please share the knowledge. I’m interested in this obscure title myself. If you need any help with FAQ construction or writing strategy, by all means ask me; I’m pretty well-versed in those areas.

And don’t worry about the necropost. It’s relevant, and thus does not bother me.

Whoa, does that mean you finally beat it?

You shouldn’t just stop at writing a walkthrough… you should make a full-blown shrine…

Yup it means exsactly that. Almost a year later i’m posting again… with good news! Though i’ve been at this game much longer than an human being should have.

I do already have a site with some info. Though i’m sure it would get better exposure here :smiley:

I don’t think i’ve ever spent -this- long on an RPG hehe.

No doubt it’d get better exposure here. If you ever want to build a shrine for us, just give me an email ( and I can hook you up.

Someone who has finished the game!!!
Could you be my saviour?
I’ve been playing STED for about 1 year and am absolutely stumped. I think i am at the part where Shizukana Wolf says he was stuck at earlier, looking for some “eccentric man south of the giant rock”. If you or anyone else could help it would be very awesome and I would praise you as a god for years to come!
If you feel like helping and need more info i’ll be more than happy to share it.