Steam - Or Friday Can't Come Sooner

So who here uses Steam to buy PC games. I never really used them until last December when the entire store had games on sale for super cheap. Now I buy games every once a while, especially when Friday’s Weekend Deal shows up.

Welcome to four years ago.

Hey, no need to be mean, Rinn :confused:

I like picking up the classic games as well. You think that’s bad, I’ve just started getting back into my Half-Life 2 save… from 2005!

I can never do that. I always end up starting over when something like this happens, even if I only haven’t played in like a month. This is why there are games I’ve never finished.

I can understand doing that if you get really into the story of things. For me, it’s more about the gameplay. If it’s fun to play, then I can easily get back into it and recap the story if I forgot anything. Now a days story doesn’t play a big role in my enjoyment of a game, but it’s a nice touch if it’s a good story.

I reread yesterday the first 20 pages of Pratchett’s Eric rather than continue from the bookmark though if I try to replay Might and Magic VI, I’ll be damned if I start from scratch rather than get my meteor-showering party to clear them dungeons.

I would use Steam if they hadn’t gone and given us a fifty percent price hike by suddenly changing to Euros. They even have the gall to charge us a tax we don’t have! Steam can go and sod themselves, I’ll use Impulse.

My gf got world of goo for 5 bucks, it was great. I felt so bad for the creators though :(.

World of Goo is a great game.

Yeah I picked it up when it was $5 as well. It’s so awesome. I think it would have been worth its original price, I’m just… cheap.

I bought World of Goo from the official site. Didn’t even use Steam at all then.

Now I use Steam pretty much all the time, mostly because it’s just about the only way I can actually play games and still keep in touch in case people try to contact me.
In game chat overlay is awesome.
Also, I like being able to buy games without having to take a 30 min walk (and back again) just to see if the game I want is availible or not.

Well, twenty pages of a good book by an author who can throw in awesome little things on every page, and then some, isn’t that bad to reread.
Heck, I reread entire books overnight when I can’t sleep. >_>
(Okay, so maybe it takes two nights sometimes, but you get my point. :P)

Yeah, getting back into groove rather than try to remember what happened last was certainly worth rereading these pages. Not to mention it was a good book.



Orange Boxes for ten bucks this weekend. If you ever wanted to get one, now’s the time!

Speaking of, anyone here still play Team Fortress?

Orange Box? $10? Sold.
Also, Peggle rocks ass.

Thanks for the heads up. I was going to buy Orange Box sometime soon now that I got a new video card… it would have been nice to have a hard copy but $10 can not be beat!