Steam dilemma

Anybody use Steam? I just got it so I can play Day of Defeat but it’s not letting me play it saying the DoD is out of version. Any suggestions?

Uh, what precisely is Steam?

Isn’t Steam a counter-strike server? A bad one at that too?

You’re both not very well informed of Steam.
I’d insult you as such, but nah…

Steam is a new way to run servers for many games, CS just happens to be the most popular of those.
I personally enjoyed my short-lived use of Steam.

Herr: You sure you have the “auto-update” option (or whatever they have it named) okayed?

Steve, you make me sad. =(

I knew more of Steam than Yar.

Isn’t it also a delivery system for most of valve’s games? I’m installing it now, since HL2 seems to practically need it.

Possibly. I haven’t seen any other games powered/hosted by Steam.

Its for all of half-life and its mods. You know CS is just a mod to HL, right? I’m positive I remember playing Day of Defeat and Meath Match Classic, and a couple others over it a couple years ago.

I’m preordering HL2 over it as we speak.

I didn’t know CS was just a mod. I figured it as a game by the same producing company.

To the best of my knowledge, it wasn’t even initially made by valve, just some random group of modders. Valve later picked it up themselves, but the original package was not valve-made.

Edit: I thought this might be appropriate; Gabe Newell, designer of both HLs!

If he designed HL he can have as many Krispy Kremes as he damn well wants.

Ion, awesome image.

Pierson, damn straight… even though I hated Half-Life.

Crap…I deleted it b/c it was giving me shit. I’ll install it again and check for that auto-update.

When Half Life first came out, it used a built in multiplayer system called WON, the same that was used for Duke Nukem. Anyway, as more and more mods were coming out and becoming popular, and Half Life was not, it was decided that a new program was needed. Steam is a multifunction program that is used as a server program, a store for valve games and a chat line. Providing a valid half life key provides you free access to all half life mods supported by Steam (which includes Team Fortress Classic, Counter Strike, Deathmatch Classic, Day of Defeat, Front Line Force, Half Life Multiplayer, Ricochet and like and a few more). By downloading these mods through steam, you are also able to automatically update both steam and any of the mods you have downloaded. In the future, Steam is designed for you to be able to purchase Valve games online and download them directly to your hard drive.

To answer your question, the only thing I can think of that would fix your problem would be just joining a server. Steam is designed to update your mods (which these days, happens somewhat often) when you join a server. So just join a server and a little window should pop up that will download and install the update. However, I must warn you that Steam is known for it’s own incompetence, so while it sounds easy enough, it may or may not work. But in my expierence, this is one of the things Steam accomplishes well.

Oh, and Gabe Newell is one of the head designers for Half Life and Half Life 2.

Lastly, Counter-Strike was originally a mod designed by some guy in his basement. I think after CS Version 1.2 came out Valve hired the basement guy and bought the rights to Counter Strike. They have since released updates, patches, and entirely new games (Counter Strike: Zero) and new versions (Counter Strike: Substance). This is the only mod that Valve has purchased. Team Fortress Classic, while still a mod, has always been under the direct control of Valve.

where the hell did you get that info from a magazine? nah just playin. your so dam smart sorc, start getting stupider like the rest of us, your hurting my brain!

Not all of us are stupid.

You’re not included in that, Setz.

steam sux…i cant run day of defeat either…which destroyed my life…cuz i played that like all day everyday… herr what was your call name? mine was crinoalvein124 i think…

I haven’t played on steam in forever… I should redownload it.

Nah, I got all that off the top of my head. I played Half Life Mods online for the better part of six years. I’m pretty well versed with how the systems run, or at least how they’re supposed too. As far as me being smart is concerned, I’d like to think I am, but compared to some people like Dai Ryuujin/Alice, I really don’t know shit.

If anything, Steam has helped Valve become a better company towards their constituints and user base, because before Steam came out, Valve was about as bad with updates as Blizzard. Because Steam can massivly release updates so well, things are fixed at such a faster rate than they used to be.

I don’t really like the idea of downloading a full game off the servers (feels like that would take forever). Plus, nothing really beats going out and buying the game, driving home and installing it yourself. Theres a certain anticipation that comes with buying games that makes the purchase feel more worthwhile.