Stay Alive

This looks like it might be a good movie in a cheesy sort of way.

Wouldn’t it be funny if it worked this way for all games?

Something sounds eerily familiar about that plot. As if I’ve seen it on TV or something before.

Anyway, as much as I like horror movies, I can’t fully respect one that’s rated PG-13 and produced by Disney. That being said, I may see it, but I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

As for the plot (for anyone who doesn’t want to sit through the trailer, it’s about a video game that some kids get, and if they die in the game, something kills them in the same way in real life), I can only imagine that having an Action Replay on hand would make it far less scary.

strange I thought it was a touchstone picture. I mean considering the logo is in the upper left hand corner.

Meh, it’s been done before on X-Files and about a dozen other shows.

Not in films, though. Besides, MOST of the shows with a similar plot as this were murder. Not a manifestation of something inside your damn computer.

This reminds me of that movie Brain Scan.

Touchstone is OWNED by Disney.

And unlike many other movie studios that are owned by other studios, Touchstone was <I>created</I> as a division of Disney, simply so they could release PG and PG-13 (and later R) rated movies. Anything on the network is a Disney owned company (ie,,, etc).

Also, since we’re talking about ratings and all, why is it that Hollywood can get away with rating movies like this one PG-13? The Ring was also rated PG-13. The game industry could NEVER get away with rating a game as violent as either of those movies with a “T” rating. If they tried to, congress would freak out, as would every activist Christian group in the country.

It probably depends on how much money they pay, Sat. :stuck_out_tongue: