status afflcitions

status afflictions have played a major role in the battle systems throughout all final fantasys. Is there a comprehensive list of them and their effects anywhere on the compendium or elsewhere?

Not on the FFC… I think that’d be getting a little too nitpicky. ^^; I don’t know of one anywhere else either, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

I hate Confuson. I end up getting Killed by my own party.

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Malboro - Bad Breath: That is a nightmare.

You could probably derive a comprehensive list yourself if you had the time, maybe by looking up all the shrines on RPGC. :slight_smile:

Check the game manuals maybe?

Most games have their unique ones, but I have NEVER seen an RPG that lacks some varation of Poison, Sleep, Paralyze and Silence.

Take a look at this site
you might find what you want.

Here is what you can find for FFVIII

this is just a sample:


Effect Green bubbles appear over a character; he or she takes a
small amount of damage for every turn in battle
Remedy Esuna magic, Antidote, Remedy-typed items, Elixir-typed
items, Treatment command ability


Effect Character becomes cast in stone, unable to take any further
part in battle
Remedy Esuna magic, Soft (Gold Needle), Remedy-typed items, Elixir
-typed items, Treatment command ability
(note: petrified characters at the end of a fight gain zero
EXP and AP)

It won’t help for all the other Final Fantasy’s, but I know that there’s a large list of them in Shinra’s Guide to Everything in X-2… Most games probably mention them in their respective tutorials, if you have access to them (I think…)

You know, that would be an awesome thing to add to the FFC. I would totally be into it. Too nitpicky? You’re forgetting what the FFC is all about, my dear Cid. It would only be too nitpicky if you listed every single enemy that caused every single ailment or something.

Hmm… I dunno. I’ll think about it.

I’m just glad that FF doesn’t have the same type of poison status as Phantasy Star III. Not being able to restore HP until the poison is removed is annoying. Not to mention all spells have a risk of failure, even curative ones. Buh. bangs head on table

I made a quick, crappy looking table in Microsoft Frontpage that covers FF1-FF6 based on the shrines and the FF6 algorithm FAQ on Gamefaqs. I do plan to improve it later, but I’m too lazy right now. Hope it helps, at least a little.

click here

EDIT: It now covers through FF8 :cool:

Which one is the status listed in FF6 as “Seizure” or something like that?

Thanks, that table looks very nice! I like how it compares each throughout the series!

I listed the Seizure status as HP Down, since they are basically the same thing, just different names.

That’s a cool list. Few things, though: if I remember correctly, FF5’s Zombie status lowers HP to 0 and causes the afflicted to attack your party (basically the same as FF6’s). Also, FF5’s “Old” status is a variation of Curse (closest thing it comes to); it slowly decreases your stats and can be cured with Esuna.

And I’m pretty sure FF1’s FOG1 and FOG2 could count as Protect, but that may be getting too specific…

I, personally would greatly appreciate a comprehensive list of status afflictions at the FFC. Currently I’m finding the FFC to be a little sub-par. It has a lot of information yes, much more than other sites of its kind, but when you look at it subject by subject, it’s a little lacking. I’m the kind of person that likes in-depth explanations and such. Currently it’s more of a brief summary of things.

That’s what an encyclopedia is. The point is to give an overview of everything rather than go in-depth in specific areas. The shrines (which admittedly are not available for every FF game yet) go in-depth for specific games. I am not interested in, for example, a listing of every single monster in every single FF game, because such a list is just too big to be of any real use. Individual monster lists are available on the shrines and/or FAQs.

Hey Cid, what we could do is let them “fancy up” their status conditions list and maybe put it in the special features section. That way we wouldn’t have to add any special section to the FFC for it, but the information would still be up there.

No… if we’re going to do it, I think it should definitely be a site section, with each row being a definition like in most of our sections. It does fit in nicely with the rest of our sections. Also, their list only goes up to FF8 and doesn’t include MQ, Tactics, TA, or CC. We could use it as a reference, of course. :sunglasses: The question is who has the time and/or energy to do it for the site itself. -_-