State of the PS3

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It pretty much says that the PS3 is close to becoming a non-competitor and starting a “death spiral.” It says that the console’s high price is the largest factor and tells how it all works. This seems similar to what happened with the Saturn.

Notice that the article doesn’t mention the Wii. :frowning:

It does in passing, basically where it says ‘to add insult to injury, Nintendo breezed by them and laughed’.

Interesting that they should compare it to the Saturn- I’d personally have thought 3DO was closer the mark.

…Awaiting the predictable Arac response :-/…


If the PS3 is the new Saturn, does that mean that in 10 years time all video game message boards will be filled with people pining for the PS3 and wishing they had one and were able to play all its great games? I mean, cause that’s what seems to happen with the Saturn.

What would it mean for FF: XIII if the PS3 starts to push up the daisies before the game is ready?

Here’s some more bad news.

Making it worse.

Making it much worse.

It’s as if thousands of Sony fans suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.

If true, that made my February worth dealing with.

Meh, never planned on getting a PS3 to begin with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, Neo Geo. The Wii looks better each time I hear about it.

Sony got Nintendowned.

I’m all for backwards compatibility and old software. I want the games I enjoyed playable on my current system.

Seriously, what is Sony thinking these days? The business execs need to lay off the crack.

You guys shouldn’t have sold your PS2s. HAHAHAHAHA!

I still got my PS2, which I’ve had for four and a half years, still working admirably, and currently playing Tales of the Abyss.

I have no intention of selling it for a PS3, at least not any time soon. All this news only makes it clearer to me that I made a good choice buying a Wii in November. I’m not totally against ever getting a PS3, but Sony needs to shape up a LOT before that. Right now I’m more likely to get a 360, and one year ago I would never have said that.

I think Sony had a lombodomy. Removing backwords compatibility, a ridiculous price, not very well known launch titles, etc. Now i’m not dissing Sony, but seriously what are they thinking.

They’re not totally removing backwards compatability. They’re removing the hardware-side of it. The article(s) even state they’re going to go towards emulation, although the PS2 emulation will apparently be limited.

I mean, I don’t like the move, but it’s not fully removing backwards compatability.

i actually was planning on selling my ps2, or at least thinking about it, when i got around to buying a ps3, to help buffer the price a little. Now that’s likely completely out of the question, and the thought of buying the ps3 in general is in jeopardy now.

True. Though it’ll take some extra time to properly emulate it by software, I suppose.

Yeah, there’s no way in hell I’m getting rid of my PS2. My next console will be a Nintendo DS (yeah, I went there) and after that, probably a Wii. Both together will be about half the price of a PS3.