Starting up the Wc3 clan

Ok people, We are going to try and make the Wc3 clan (finally >.>;:wink: Look at Star Storms announcement at the home page to find the time for it.

The only question i have is this:

The last time we tried to make the clan we couldnt really decide on a Name and Abbreviation for the clan. I figure before we start this tonight we better find out what we want. so… just list an idea of what you think is good or something lol Otherwise I will just go with the regular stuff like…

Clan name: Rpgclassics

Ideas are welcome for a change of this :cool:

I suggest “Lords of RPGClassics” (RPGC)

It looks cooler.

That sounds good. But frankly, as long as the appreviation is RPGC, I’m cool with it. :hahaha;

Real Paladins of the Grand Castle


I suggest we get organized…