Starting a shrine

Hello, I’m wondering how I might go about starting a shrine? Specifically, I’d like to put “expansion packs” on existing shrines for FF1, FF2, and to a degree, FF3, as to update them for the PSX versions.

My plans are to either:
Create a PSX FF1,2,3 shrine, that outlines the differences, and links to the NES shrines (FF3 has the most differences clearly so that’d be the largest portion) or, if I can speak to the operators of the FF1, and FF2 shrines in particular, to have their shrines appear with updates imagery and graphics and where needed, reflecting changes, with them getting the credit of course.

Anyone know how I might go about this?

The best person to ask would be Nulani

Btw… Welcome to the forum! :wave:

The funny thing about FF3 is that it doesn’t have a PSX version. The only alternative to the Famicom version is the DS remake and the differences between the two are not insignificant.

If you’re referring to FFs 1, 4, and 6 then why? The only real difference between them are the load times, a few bug fixes, and FF1’s better graphics and Easy Mode which reduces the grinding and ups the level cap.

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