Stargate for You?

If you enjoyed Stargate SG-1, Hulu has all 10 seasons available to watch from now until March. If you are unfamiliar with Hulu, they deal with tv stations around the world to reliably show tv shows - and some movies and animes - about a week from their normal tv air date for a somewhat limited period of time. I don’t have cable in my appartment, so this is really neat for me since I enjoyed this show so much and usually have no way to watch it as SyFy is the only station that typically shows reruns.

In before Hades “Stargate is over rated”

Hey, that’s exactly what I needed, now that I don’t have Cable. Thanks, Trk!

Starga-SHIT! FUCK YOU CHAR :frowning:

At least the last two seasons aren’t, but that’s because they suck.

It’s because there’s a distinctive lack of Richard Dean Anderson

I thoroughly enjoy the Stargate series (although I’m not enjoying Universe too much).

After how good Atlantis was, I was thinking that maybe the writers might be able to pull of a great show, in the same story as the other two, but still unique and seperate. However, I’m a little put off by how much Universe is like “Big Brother…IN SPACE!”

Yeah Universe is kind of sucking. Big Brother in Space is about accurate.

Thanks Trk! I haven’t seen many of the early SG-1 episodes.

Originally Posted by TrkJac
It’s because there’s a distinctive lack of Spoiler: Richard Dean Anderson

That was part of it, well most of it, but those RI (I don’t know how they’re spelled, but that’s how its pronounced, and no, I’m not going to look up the correct spelling) were such a ‘jump the shark’ moment that it almost felt like one or more of the writers was watching DBZ when they were story-boarding that season.