*stares blankly*



That’s messed up. >_< Leave Tibet alone, dammit. China’s already imposed enough shit on those people, they don’t need greasy, smelly food that they can’t even afford to top it off.


So what? Tibet gets chicken, or maybe they wont.

Oh, don’t worry, KFC’s not there for the Tibetans (“Screw them! They’re Poor!”). It’s for the flock of Chinese tourists coming over to “bolster the economy” through tourism… …and probably being encouraged to stay. Just move in, squat on the land, and push the Tibetans to the margins of their own land. You know, kinda like what we did with the indians.


reaches into the internet and pulls urks avatar out

It’s so funny how anything can be twisted into a symbol for American imperialism, Chinese imperialism, or just about anything you want… a new -ism for every day of the week!

It should’ve been KFH.
Then no one would have complained: Well, maybe the Kentuckians would.

… Freya Putt? I hope the poor woman never goes to Sweden. Everyone would laugh at her.

As for the article itself… Blech. China should get out of there.