A friend came over to my house, and networked his computer to mine. The only game besides diablo2 that we both had was SC, so we were stuck playing SC and D2. Got me back into SC big time. Replaying the single-player campaign now, and by thursday I will have BROADBAND so I can finally at long, long, LONG last start playing with you guys.

Damn, it’s been a while since I’ve played SC - maybe I should play it again, soon! Terran is boring, Zerg is strange, but Protoss “roxx your soxx” :smiley:

  • on a side note, nice forum you have here…

Marines and Medics <i>still</i> kick any amount of Archon’s ass. It’s Templar that they should worry about. And Reavers.

Er, are you joking Cless? >.>;

Well consider. Stimmed Marines are damned fast, Archons take 2 hits to kill, Marines do 6 at most (upgrades cancel), so it takes 50+ hits which is pretty easy to get with a buncha stimmed Marines.

Terran has so many ways to own archons it’s not funny x.x;

I would have to say they are only slightly useful aganst some Zerg units… like if, for some reason, late in the game your opponiant is just massing lings and mutalisks, well then they could be useful. Or, y’know, just get something to stop the lings and storm them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Achrons are just too expensive and too easily destroyed in some cases… unless combind with a shield battery, then the story is a bit different.


Oh duh. I forgot about science vessels. >.>;

hey but in defense of the archon… they are immune to most status effects. i just enjoy hallucinating them to give folks a good scare.

hehe, yeah XD That IS fun… then when they aren’t looking, YOU TAKE THEIR PANTS!


Defensive Matrixed, Irraditated, Stasis Fielded Archons look freakin AWESOME!

I’ve seen it done… to me… then they teleported in behind my base and it was the scariest 3 minutes of devistation that I have ever whitnessed in any strategy game yet. I fear carriers like a hooker fears the wrath of god.

goes into his corner why did you have to remind me of the bad color…? starts humming and twitching

What about if the hooker is an atheist? :smiley:

Like Cala, for instance :smiley:

If you let your opponent mass carriers, you have problems, sir! (aka, you suck roflmayobbq)

< /Thekorcallingthekettleblack >

Thank you Cless. :smiley:

Archons are also pretty effective against carriers, since the splash damage will own the interceptors. And lets not forget that they attack at the same rate as zealots.
Another fun thing is is that they don’t trigger spider mines.

Uh, maybe if the Carriers flew in to meet the Archons, but generally Carriers fly over some obstacles that the short-ranged Archon can’t reach.

its no good at all. but it was good for itds time. the graphics make me through up now.

Says the man with DBZ in his sig.


If we all based what games were good by the idea that they suck now, but were good for thier time, then the concept of “classics” is useless.

And my opinion: STFU NOOB, Starcraft PWNS