There hasn’t been an SC thread in a while. So anyone wanna argue about what beats what?

Hades beats himself everynight. :smiley:

Paper SOOOO does not beat rock!

Zergs are ugly.

Terran > 'ling rush

But Protoss > Terran.

Science Vessels > Most protoss. ESPECIALLY Archons.

I’ve taken down Science Vessels with Protoss no problem.



I don’t doubt that. But I’m guessing it wasn’t with Archons. :slight_smile:

Carriers = Instant win. GG

Carriers < Dark Swarm + Plague + Hydras + Scourge + Marines + Archons + Dragoons + Zealots

Carriers en Masse > Anything.

i quit playing for the summer as none of my friends were on, plus i could rarly get on. and i havent started back yet.

Carriers suck vs

Scouts, Arbiters (stasis), Dark Archon
Battlecruisers, Science Vessels (EMP), Marines, Valkyries
Scourge, Defilers (plague), Devourers

Do people even make Archons on TvP? >.>

Is it even possible to mass them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Archons generally > Infantry

Yeah, if it’s two people of about equal skill, then the Protoss can get some late-game if he’s holding up okay against Terran sieges. <i>However!!!</i>, the Terran player should press him so that he has to use the Carriers as he gets them for defense/offense, so that the Terran player is warned way beforehand and can get Ghosts, Battlecruisers, whatever.

Man Klez, I spent three hours making those two questions, you all were supposed to go all “ZOMG WTF HE KNWON WUTZ HES TALKIN ABOOT!!1”, but oh NO, you HAD to ruin it, didn’t you? ; . ;

lol nub :smiley:

Seriously though, you’re right, Archons aren’t used enough. Much like Scouts, or Shield Batteries.

Archons are used extensively in PvZ, which is pretty much their only use.

Well, like Cless said before, they do pretty well against footsoldiers, but any decent player would start making Vessels as soon as he saw them coming.

However, if he’s focusing exclusively on, say, marines and medics, paying little heed to anything else…