Yai, I just found my Broodwar :slight_smile:

Does anyone here still play? If you do, do you connect to Battlenet?

Which Gateway do you connect to?

East, BW, channel rpgc.

Look for me on US East as GGCrono4.

I’m NikoChiko I play on the east server.

KorAlvein, East Gateway, I suck at this darned game.

Starcraft? What is that?

Bleep Nuclear launch detected

It is a good day to die!!

insert various lewd jokes about a Medic, Lurker, and at least one member of RPGC

I play. Mostly UMS.

I’m about to overload my aggression inhibitors!

You want some of this boy…Locked and loaded!!

GRrr…it makes me reinstall everytime i want to play…evil game…

RamzaTheSquire east server.

Joe_Death on east