…I’m officially addicted to this game now…

I Started bugging some RPGCers to play this game again, mainly cause I was bored and I had nothing else to do…

But now, like…1 Month after starting playing on BNet…I’m addicted…and I cannot go out of This.

I made This thread (Somehow) to Express my Addiction to it


…To grab more people on.

If someone else still plays this game, We play in the East Gateway, Channel RPGC.

This thread’s been made before, and it’s not worked yet. There’s only one thing left to do… LOOK TAD! IT’S A STARCRAFT RALLY! AWESOME! IT’S A PARTY!!

Be on Tuesday night, either in the #rpgclassics chat room, or on the B.Net east coast server in channel RPGC, we’ll see if we can’t set something up.

I’m usually on, but I really only play UMS these days. I do a melee every so often, though.

Hey, I told you guys in the chat. I’ll play with anybody except Ramza and Sonic.

Kagon Maz Ack EZ and myself where planning to play one time, but uhh… Maz is away so XD;

shrugs Someday after ADND we’ll all die and go play SC.

Though, that someday might be very… very far away. Don’t get your hopes up.



I might play again sometime for old time’s sake. Maybe not.

And shut up Eden =P

Oh, and never put me in the same game as Cless. :stuck_out_tongue:

I play. Like Cala, I play mostly UMS, but I’ll do a melee once in awhile. I’m in.

I go by GGCrono4 on SC. On AIM, my usual name is GG Crono 4, but I always sign on my alternate name, I AM BAYTOR, when I play.

And BTW, I’m assuming everyone present has Brood War.

I play a lot. I do a lot of UMS, but when Vorpy, Ramza, Sonic, and a few others are on, we have a good time fighting each other. The funnest match I had was the one last thursday night.
Did Cho-Mono ever come here?

I dont know, but Cho Mono is fucking retarded.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
I dont know, but Cho Mono is fucking retarded.

Now now, Sorc, that’s not being nice. Retards are smarter.

You know what I would love more than anything?

A huge MTG or Golems bloodfest. :mwahaha:

Those are my favorate UMSs…and for good reasons. I have some GREAT copies of both.

Most UMS maps are bleh

Originally posted by Swift Kid
The funnest match I had was the one last thursday night.

What match?

I could play, but my copy won’t let me access battlenet if you catch my meaning… So, I can’t play via internet :too bad;

I would play if u msg me

SK is evil. Rusher fool. I will never forgive

I got pwnd within 10 minutes. ;_;

I STILL want an all-out Golems game!!!

Sowwy about that GG, but your extractor… evolution chambers… and pool… They were just BEGGING to be pounded into a pulp! :yipee:

I assume you’re talkin’ about maps? If so GG where’d you get them?

I would play had my copy not been an illegal disallowing copy.