StarCraft Tournament

I just got this idea. Since there are a few people here who play StarCraft, I’ve devised a little tournament to see who is best. Just post your name and your StarCraft record so I can get the bracket made. I don’t have a time yet though, so bear with me.

Cala - 74/75

Yay! I’m in 17/28. BTW, nice avatar Cala.

5/6 ^^

(20/25) {I suck ;_;}

Can’t join games.

What is this, the 4th or so RPGC SC tournament?


Close enough. If memory serves, only one of them worked, and that one only had about 6 people in it. The rest just fizzled.

Well, actually I’d want to watch some of these matches like between Cala and Kor and Steve 'n co. :stuck_out_tongue:

Im not to sure on my record as i aint played in a month

but i am pretty good and i wouldnt mind playing

Edit: my name is JoeDeath on SC

and my record is 7/5

I dont play too many rated games,
I more play mapsettings games
but I can still kick some serious butt.

Azrael_RPGC, record? I have none, found my SC CD yesterdy and signed up. unfortunately I can play SC only ;_;.

Can I play? There are a few people who WON’T play with me… :too bad;

I’ll play with anyone as long as it’s SC.