Starcraft Campaign Help..

I’m trying to create a few levels and I need help.

  1. How do I make it so that Prottoss Carriers/Gantrithor have a full compliment of interceptors?

  2. How do I make a speaking portrait? (Note: it says “display speaking animation in slot 1/2/3/4/” but no face appears.)

  3. How do I make the enemy attack me? I know it has something to do with AI scripts but that doesn’t seem to work.

I thank you all in advance, thanks guys you rock.

  1. Use the “Create Units with Properties” trigger to create carriers with interceptors, or use the “Modify unit hangar count” trigger to change the number of interceptors in the hangar.

  2. You need to show a portrait first. The “show portrait” trigger lets you select a unit portrait to show in the window. The display speaking animation trigger causes that portrait to perform its speaking animation.

  3. I think you can use the “Run AI Script at Location” trigger, and use it to run the “Value this area higher” script at a given region. The comp will then try to defend that area or something, so if the enemy controls it the comp will try to take control of it so it can be defended. If you just want the comp to play normally, I think you use the “Run AI Script at Location” trigger and one of the Ai scripts at the region that the comp should use as a base. The “Run AI Script” trigger lets you tell the AI to go on suicide missions (for a big attack, I guess).

Look in the campaign editor help, under Triggers: AI Scripts. In normal custom games, the comp uses the Custom AI Script for its species, and tries to expand and fight. The Campaign AI Scripts are designed to start with a resource advantage, and just try to defend their base and wear down the enemy. The expansion AIs use the expansion units, the original AIs do not. It is designed for only one of these scripts to be run for each computer player, and the location it is run at should be near minerals and gas (for the AI to make its base near).

Thanks. I set it to random suicide missions and a lot of the enemy forces attacked then they suddenly stopped.

If you want them to attack you on a regular basis…

Player: Whatever the comp is
Condition: Current player brings at least 1 men to ‘Attack Base’
Action: Order all men at ‘Attack Base’: Attack to ‘Base’
Wait X milliseconds (optional)
Preserve trigger.

Thanks everyone, now instead of getting my ass kicked, I get my ass kicked quickly! (joke)

Damn, need help again. Let me give you a little backstory.
I created these series of maps where this empire is fighting a war against the resistance. Well on the last map the empire needs to bring a nuclear bomb to the centre of the map. When it reaches the beacon at the centre of the map I want all units/buildings on the map to be destroyed and the mission end in victory. Can someone please tell me how to do this.


You’ll need to download some add-ons to the map editor. Currently, nuke triggers don’t exist. However, once you get it, it’s a simple thing of launching the nuke. Have a cloaked unit beside where it should land with 1 HP. Have a seperate trigger, IF PLAYER 8 has suffered 1 death of unit, destroy all buildings.

Ahhh. thanks.

I can run the nuke trigger… I also have SCXE, so I guess that’d be why. :stuck_out_tongue:

SCXE? What’s that? I made it so that when the Psi Emmiter-carrying (couldn’t change the name >_<) SCV reached a beacon in the middle of the map everything was destroyed and I won.

Starcraft X-tra Editor. Lotsa goodies. 5 different modes (Classic, Alternative, Base, P12, Special), can have one person be more than one race, can place units most anywhere (in Special mode), can set neutral units even with no neutral player, etc. etc. Lotsa fun.

Where can I download that Cala?

Lost the link. I’ll look around.

Sounds cool, please if you can find it post it. Being poor and having copied games sucks ;_;