Starcraft 2

So who’s playing this right now?

My PC just barely meets the recommended requirements. It runs, but it doesn’t look as pretty as the battle report videos.

I’m getting it sometime this week. I’m not that good, but if anyone wants to do some comp stomps to warm me up after I get it, I’ll post my name after I get it.

Well, at least I should be able to run it on max settings.

I’ve been playing the campaign, I also barely meet system requirements.

So far it’s been everything I wanted and then some.

I’m liking the music. Reminds me of Firefly.

Finished it last night, was pretty awesome.

Now I gotta unrust my multiplayer mojo.

Yeah, scrubbing out the rust for the multiplayer’s been interesting, especially with the new changes to how the game is played. I haven’t had a lot of time lately to play the single player, but its been nice up to now.

I keep waiting for someone to say something like “and then they kicked our puppies!” whenever some colonists talk about how they’ve been abused and abandoned by the Dominion. Blizzard lays it on a li~ttle thick.


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I only just got it, but fortunately my brand spankin’ new laptop runs it perfectly. But this baby can also run Mass Effect 2 without breaking a sweat, so I wasn’t expecting much trouble with Starcraft II.

Alas, I’ve only had time to play a few missions as of yet. I’ll get time to go through single-player over the weekend. But even with what I’ve seen so far I agree with Sin, the cartoonishly evil Dominion is just a tad absurd at points. They even have the slimy news anchor who immediately contradicts what he was just told to make the Dominion look good.

Haven’t touched Multi yet, but anyone who’s ever played the original with me will probably figure out my strategy pretty quickly. Perhaps I’ll take this opportunity to break away from my resource-hording turtle strategy that has never, ever worked.

I’m playing the campaign and I’m a happy puppy. Starcraft 2 and Supreme Commander 2 make me feel like I’m back in middle school.

I’ve had it for a couple of days and have played a couple missions and a couple comp stomps with my best friend. I’m very impressed so far. Hey Spoony, maymbe we should find out who’s the better turtle :)?

I won’t be trying multiplayer yet, but if anyone wants to add me to the SCII list for now my profile is Spoony 164.

I just beat the campaign on brutal but the only real hard mission was “In Utter Darkness”. Blizzard did some pretty sweet work with the cinematics.

I’m about half way through the game now and I haven’t had too much difficulty with brutal either. Doing the achievements can be challenging though, like destroying 4 Hatcheries in Zero Hour.

I’ve confirmed why I stopped playing the orignal game: I royally suck. I’ve failed the convoy mission very bady. Any tips? Am I really supposed to build bunkers the whole way?

My profile name is BahamutXero. Yes, I know very original.

You find the abandoned Diamondbacks and build more along with regular marines, marauders and medics. Then have them wait in the middle of the map so they can get to each rail quickly. Have the Diamondbacks target the train while your other troops provide cover in case there are escorts.

My profile name is Jian. I haven’t tried multiplayer yet and probably won’t until I get a computer that can handle the game.

Edit: I just realized you may also be talking about the escort mission where you protect the colonists. Just build bunkers to block off the areas where zerg can reach the road and have a large escort team.

3 barracks, 2 with reactor and 1 with tech lab. The tech lab barracks should be pumping out medics 24/7, and the rest marines. Research both upgrades at an engineering bay, and hotkey all barracks to something convenient (2 or 3). Then just form a large ball around the convoy. I forget if reactors are available at this point, but if not, then 4 barracks, 1 with tech lab. Also, keep building supply depots. You don’t need the bunkers at all if managing them is too much trouble. You can also rally point the barracks to a medic; the marines will automatically come out with the command to escort the medic you rallied to.

Any time you have trouble with a mission, it might be worth your time to go back and do past missions where you didn’t get all Zerg/Protoss research relics on casual so that you get better equipment.

Also you need to post your identifier number if you want us to add you.

I had a balance of 2 maries, 1 firebat, 1 medic getting regularly pumped out of 3 racks. You stay with the convoy on the first pass and by the 2nd pass, you should start putting 2 marines/1firebat per bunker. You should aim to build 2 bunkers at each of the 3 canyons in the bottom, middle and top. For the middle and top canyons it helps to block the way in front of the bunkers by building supply depots. Once the bunkers are built and filled , just supplement each of the 3 points along the road with more marines, more firebats and more medics.

General tips:

-If you think you have enough SCVs, its because you don’t have enough SCVs. I’ve seen players run into problems with unit production because they didn’t have enough money at all times. 3 SCVs / vespene geyser if its really close to your CC, 3 SCVs per mineral unit (which translates to abou 24 SCVs on minerals).

-Have at least 1 scv always make supply depots once you have enough money to support making the depots and the marines/medics/firebats at all times.

My identifier number is 402.

What research trees are you guys doing?

So far I’ve got:

Protoss - Ultra Capacitors, Microfiltering

Zerg - Fortified Bunker, Planetary Fortress, Hercules, Cellular Reactor

Protoss: faster weapon speed, faster refinery , double SCV, sci vessel, tech lab.
Zerg: turrets on bunkers, Fire turrets (much much better than the planetary fortress), hercules, mechanical healing. I only need 1 more point to get the psi emitter to slow down zerg.