Star Wars name

Bropa Celav?

Wilpa Vamon

Manan Rokap

Becch Remem

Thoph Hinan

how boring.

Arsfr Coque


I dont have a last name… :frowning:

Przed Syram.

Brimi Bepho

interesting <.<

Caleb the Hutt.

Pagma Lihel

Impressive. Not most impressive.

I wonder how someone who hadn’t read the first post would feel reading this thread…

Anyway, it’s now a lot easier to guess a lot of people’s names here.

Kaiser: I can pronounce that!
CC, Booken, MBG: ineteresting ones you’ve got, I’d say…

Helin Wimor

Er… Yes.

Presa Wesai when I used my mom’s maiden name, with her married name I’m Presa Prsai.
Using the abrevation for my hometown, I am either Presa Westl or Presa Prstl

I like Presa Wesai best.

Housa Nobir

Sounds masculine >.>

Kilsh Yobel

Jaban Clade
What the … Damned name.

Subwi Rusta, Jedi knight extroidiare!:slight_smile:

Daiyan Jenlam

Not bad at all.

Pexpe Inalis