Star Wars name

I read it in a scientific magazine today. Apparently this is how George Lucas got some of those names for Star Wars. It’s impressive because it realy works!

For the first name, start with the three first letters of your real life last name and append the first two letters of your real life first name.

For the last name, start with the two first letters of your mom’s last name and append the three first letters of the name of the city where you were born.

By these method, my first name could be either Cosre or Soure (I like the second one better cuzz it’s easier to say). My last name would go Cofor or Ibfor.

Soure Cofor… really looks life Star Warese.

Scoay Ligan… hehe.

<img src=“”> Lenra Vlden?

Sounds Yugoslavian. Cool!

Mccda Jeket… I like the last name, but the first name seems… unnatural.

Jonch Delon.

…Rogro Kurca. Totally stupid.

Gilch Seroa… not the worst name ive seen through one of the name generators

Well that explains Luke…

And mine would be either Stadon Buroch or Staben Poroch.

Mine is Bonja Pasto.
Not bad.

Sounds like something I’d eat. Yeah, I’ll have a Banjo Pasto dinner, with a side of Gak and those fruits from that one planet that drove people insane on that one Star Trek Episode. Oh, and uhh, the green stuff that followed Scotty wherever he goes. Oh, and a chocolate Death Star for dessert.

Staer Adwat


Cumke Whind is my name, don’t wear it out. :smiley:

Morre Oirio.

Heh, “morre” is a tense form of the verb “die” in Portugese. :open_mouth:

Colri Chmau.
I’m ashamed of George Lucas’ lack of orginality.

Shest Bilim

Glaaa Arhay

[just try to pronounce THAT one, muddafuggas…hacking up phlegm is likely involved.]

Obeja Chla M


I’am Leech Brama. Sounds different… :slight_smile: