Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic

Anyone got this game? Is it worth 50$?

Yeah, it’s a lot of fun. The story’s really good too.

I’ve heard excellent things, however I have also heard that multiplayer is super buggy.

My freaking videocard won’t play it…

Yeah, it’s friggen awesome. I can post some screenies if you want to see some action

I got this game for Xbox and it is great.

It is buggy though (Not as buggy as Morrowind thankfully)

Game is real good, but it isnt really worth fifty cuz it is a little repetative.

I was planning to get it after getting a new computer, but I noticed my current just barely runs it, so I bit the bullet and got it beforehand. And it is admittedly running slowly, but it still kicks ass.

My computer pukes on it.

I’m seriously thinking about getting this now, and Deus Ex 2 later. Apparantly, KoToR works pretty good now, even on low-end computers (although the multiplayer needs a lot of work), while DE2 sounds like it needs some more playtesting before it can be considered a complete product.

PCGamer gave it a stellar review, they even said it was better than the Star Wars prequels :stuck_out_tongue: My brother is getting it (due in the mail in a week or so),so once he jams on it a bit I can say whether it looks as good aspeople have said. It sounds like though people should definitely get it, after the first few levels it’s supposed to be amazing.

I have it, but I can’t get it to work… It crashes as soon as I try to make a character. ;_;

I played it and I beat it. It was really good. My character was a hugely good character, much like Saladin’s. But I’m starting a new game (with cheat codes) and making this guy a totally powerful evil character. That and I have to put up with Carth yelling at me all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, ya I know how that is brutha!

i own the game and it rocks, my friend has it for the box and its extremly easy to go pure dark and kicks ass only problem is it’s glichy on my computer so i had to turn off the video thingys but now it runs perfect with out it

Yeah i got the game for Christmas it is great i would recommend it to anyone its great.:hyperven:

I saw about 10 copies of it in the used bargain bin at Electronics Boutique the day after it was released.

I’m not guessing it’s very good, but it’s up to you if you want it.