Star Wars Episode III

Well, Just got back from seeing it (The 12:01 session! :D)

I enjoyed it. Not quite as good as I expected. The whole movie seemed like “SHIT! HURRY, MOVE ONTO THE NEXT PLOT POINT! WE NEED TO COVER THIS TOO!”

Oh, and Anakin seemed to sway to the darkside so easily, Jeebus. Also, I expected a much better death for Mace Windu. :frowning:

Can’t be bothered thinking of anything else to say, as it’s 3am for this poor Australian.

I look forward to see what you northlanders thought of it.

I don’t think I’ll be seeing it for a couple weeks… the thought of being in the theatre with all those nerds sends shivers down my spine.

I’m not a huge Starwars fan but I will see it.

You must get a lot of shivers when you look in the mirror then.

oh ya, you better believe it. :wink:

Im REALLY FING PISSED RIGHT NOW!!! The stupid local theater sold half of their tickets online, and then started selling the rest like two days ago when i called them last week and they specificly said they wouldnt sell any except the online ones in advance. so needless to say, they are sold out for tonight. and tomorrow. BARGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG.

Actually my Chem/Physics teacher is a big fan and his class is going to have a marathon of the first 5 movies then he’s taking us to see Episode III.

I’m not going to see it until the furor dies, either. I hate crowded theaters. Probably in two weeks.

BTW, do you people feel like they’re being a LITTLE too loose with the story, considering this is such a BIG event? I mean, yeah, we all know that Anakin becomes Vader (duuh) it’s the DETAILS of the story that matter. Spoilers don’t bother me, but they DO bother many other people. Yet, BEFORE the movie premiered, we already had the video game and novel and comic book adaptations. Heck, I have already seen the scene of Vader’s awakening- in shots from the Star Wars Lego Game version of the movie! Honest!!

Still, I think most of us will enjoy it, if only to see the final piece of the SW Saga fit into place.

There really aren’t any spoilers, pretty much everybody knows what happens and how it happens. It’s all explained in the very first movie. Obi wan goes over the Clone wars, the Slaughtering of the Jedi, the betrayal, and the rise of the empire. As far as leaving out details, I think you’re wrong - nobody really knew HOW the emperor became the emperor until the movies came out, where Palpatine assumes emergency control of the senate to create the clone army in Episode II. There are lots of details included, and I dont think it’s very loose at all.

He means how before the release of episode 3 movie they already had the episode 3 comic book, video game, and lego video game.

C’mon! I can’t be the only fool who had to see it ASAP!


I think that the only reason I’d see this movie is for closure on the series… I think the 4/5/6 were great, and brilliant for their time, but as it went on, it just got old, too fast. It’s alright, but yeah… gawd!!
It looks alright, but not the best, as with most shit churned out by the Hollywoods all around.


Of course some people have probably even read the whole script months before the release… Those things never stay secret for long, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were already bootleg copies of the movie going around.

Like i said, i tried to, but couldnt.

Well I will try to see but I do not know if I can. I know that some guys are skipping school to see the movie, since they have been talking about it every day for the last month.

Yeah, I saw it. It was pretty badass. Lots of dismembering goin’ on. It became a recurring theme.

Me and about 20 friends and coworkers bought our tickets ahead of time. When we got through, they turned us away because they overbooked the theater. TThey said they would be happy to let us stay and see the 3:30 show. Assholes.

I saw it as well. It was pretty good.

So they took reservations beyond the number of people the theater could hold? Greedy idiots! facepalms