Star Wars Episode 3 Trailer!

These are simply the greatest special effects I have ever seen in a movie before.

Hmm site doesnt seem to be working for me right now >.>;

That’s because he linked directly to a .mov file like a retard, try right clicking and saving the target.

And it’s not really a trailer.

Well I didn’t watch whatever it is, but my expectations for this “movie” are extrememely low.

Trailer already, I thought I read somewhere that they are going to release the movie sometime in 2006-2007?

It’s not a trailer. It’s a Legoman spoof. Of a non-existant movie.

Episode 3’s release date is set for May '05. Knowing Lucasfilm, it’ll probably get pushed back a few hundred times.

Hehehe, I love it. Cute little thing.

That thing was so cool. It was actually pretty believable :stuck_out_tongue:

If the 3rd ep was ACTUALLY done by lego, I would pay to see it :stuck_out_tongue: … appose to if it wasn’t, where I wouldn’t see it and deny it’s existance ^^


I want to see a Lego real movie. Especially one done by the guys who did Knights of the Round Table spoof. That was awesome. :smiley:

Hopefully this movie doesn’t let me down like the second.

Insert identical comment here, but with “first two” instead of “second.” :3

That was fun to watch.

Doesn’t anyone else thing that it actually IS a possible synopsis of how George Lucas could be doing it and that its pretty funny it IS a possibility?

The funny thing on that is, a lot of it is based on hints and things that are in the real Ep 3.

I just realized; they forgot General Grievous!