Star Wars Books Selection

I am one of the many PAL users who is excited about KOTOR, yet has to wait another month+. To fill up this time, I’ve decided to read some Star Wars books to keep me in the mood and such.

The thing is, I don’t know of any good ones, where in the timeline they come in and such. I found a few timelines, and you’re just bombarded with books, names and such, yet…No review, or even a little caption about each of the books, to explain when, and what’s happening.

So here’s where you guys come in. If any of you can recommend some star wars books, I’d be ever grateful.

Many thanks, and may the force be with you

If you want pre-episode IV (the original film), there’re some Han Solo trilogies… The explain Solo’s past somewhat. They’re decent, about 10 years beforehand and they run roughly up to A New Hope.

The Bounty Hunter Wars is GREAT. Takes place after RotJ and completely kicks ass. It centers around Neelah, Kuat of Kuat, and Boba Fett. It’s actually quite intriguing. :stuck_out_tongue:

And the set I’m reading now: The New Jedi Order. It has about 10 books in it currently (it might’ve ended, not sure) and has a lot of surprises. It’s a very good read if you go from start to finish. Takes place about 25 years after A New Hope.

Here’s a timeline/review site for the novels:

Here’s another link to the young reader novels, some fans are into them as well:

The Thrawn Trilogy is the best Star Wars novels out there… very, very good.

  1. Heir to the Empire
  2. Dark Force Rising
  3. The Last Command

Those three are absolutely fantastic. A must for anyone readin Star Wars novels. They’re all written by Timothy Zahn.

Next comes The Jedi Academy Trilogy, by Kevin J Anderson…

  1. Jedi Search
  2. Dark Apprentice
  3. Champions of the Force

Then read the Thrawn Duology, by Timothy Zahn…

  1. Specter of the Past
  2. Vision of the Future

Then, you can either start the New Jedi Order saga (tons and tons of book, second only to the Thrawn Trilogy in quality…

Or you can read some other novels and series, like the Correllian trilogy, or the Kornacht Cluster trilogy… but those are not really nessecary.

The New Rebellion

Wow, r0x0rz.
Thank you all, mates for helping with this…now off to <strike>kazaa</strike> the book store!
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<h5>Order of books that I am going to read!</h5>
<li>The Courtship of Princess Leia
<li>Tatooine Ghost
<li>The Thrawn Trilogy
<li>The Jedi Academy Trilogy
<li>I, Jedi

Which should tide me over for now. :slight_smile: