Star Wars Battlefront

I just got this game today. AWESOME!!! I suck at flying and driving (too much concentration, and too many obsticles), though i did kill some ppl with an ATST at one battle. Most battles i just am a regular trooper and slowly advance and kill ppl. If i get lucky and get a command post (how oyu win, other than killing everyone), cool.

Anyone else have this, and have anything i should know? And any other thoughts?

I’ve played it also, had a lot of fun

I’m very much looking forward to Battlefront 2 coming out soon, online up to 24/36 players (Depending on which system you play on)

I’ve had it for a very long time now, and it is a fun game. I don’t play it any more, though, been too busy. Battlefront II looks great.

I played it at a friends on 2-player and conquered the galaxy. But he blew up Kashykk (or however it’s spelled.)

Some of the levels seem heavily biased against one side, which is hardly fair on multiplayer, and the AT-AT things (or whatever they’re called) are massively unfair.

It’s very good, but very repetitive.

Amen to that. Oftentimes when playing Galactic Conquest (far more fun to play it on Hard than to try the multiplayer), I’d just say “fuck it” to Yavin and blow it up/have a rebellion begin on it because its levels are just too damn terrible.

Is it really as good as people say? I was thinking about buying it.

If you’re a Star Wars freak and you can’t wait for the second one, I’d say buy it. Otherwise, hold off for Battlefront II. Battlefront is indeed as good as people say it is, with the exception of rabid SW fans calling it game of the year, but Battlefront II will be even better.