Star Ocean

Does anyone know of any sites that are continuing on with the translating of star ocean?

Or any info/sites/recent releases?

Star Ocean is pretty much completely translated. The only thing left to do is the Yes/No menus.

You mean The last Text DeJap Patch is almost ready? I heard that you’re Helping Cid?

The Patch is here:

And what’s the word on Audio?

No word on audio. As for the text, it’s been done for a heck of a long time (since January).
I was helping on that one, yes. In fact, my name (or rather my nickname) is in the game itself somewhere. >-)

OK, Danny-Boy, post it when someone finds it.

I’ve noticed in the First text dialoge patch and I think in the second 31/12/2003, They say Resonia and In SO3 there’s an Entry for Lesonia. Is it a Tri-ace error, and didn’t know that they said R not L before, Assuming that I heard about L/R in Jap.

Is there some M-rated Moments Like in TOP?

Who is Danny-Boy, and what is “it” that is supposed to be posted?
We went with Resonia because in the intro, that’s what the captain says. But yes, it is meant to be the same name (R and L are interchangable in Japan… or rather, they have only one sound, which is between an R and L).
No, there are no “M-rated moments”.

Danny is a common Nickname for your real name. Yeah, it Yous.


Poop, I’ll Have to resort to the TOP “Harder” again…

Who is Yous?
Seeing as how my first name is not visible anywhere on the board, no one besides me will know who you’re referring to. And seeing as how you do not know me in real life, and there is not a single person in real life who calls me that, and we are hardly on such buddy-buddy terms where you could safely say you deserve to call me that, please don’t.

I’ve seen that, it was really cool.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: