Star Ocean ***SPOILERS***

So I just finished my first playthrough today, and I have to say that honestly, I was a little… disappointed. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fun and I like the battle system and the Talents and Skills and stuff… but I felt like it was way, WAY too short (24 hours on the in-game timer), and that it didn’t really take advantage of all the different Abilities. Like, I never once used Music. Didn’t need to. Same with Crafting, except that I tried it and never got anything good, but didn’t worry about it since I didn’t really need to be powered up more than I already was. I didn’t even use Smithing much, just got a couple good swords for Cius and a staff for Tinek that never got used. I dunno, maybe I just feel like I should have been FORCED to use Abilities more, so learning them would have been more worthwhile.

And what’s up with that last mission? It looked like the game was going to be over, we completed our one objective (another thing that kinda irked me… the fact that through the whole game, all I’m doing is solving the one issue from the very beginning. Maybe I’m just spoiled by twisting storylines), and all of a sudden HEY GUYS ONE LAST QUICK, COMPLETELY UNRELATED THING. (Maybe I’m also spoiled by all the build-up I get from other games.)

But, despite my sickening negativity, I did enjoy the game. Maybe that’s why I’m so frustrated with all of this; I wanted more. Perhaps one of its sequels improved where this one failed.

But now, on to warrant the warning in the title!

I have a question regarding the ending(s). The one I got, I’m not sure if I failed miserably in my Relationships or if it was just lame to be lame, so I’ll let one of you experts decide. Note to people who don’t like their games spoiled, there are some actually a couple of major spoilers in here, so don’t whine to me when you highlight and read it and are all ARRR YOU RUINED IT FOR ME. No, you ruined it for yourself. But I’m going to tag the entire thing, because the ending is the ending, and what’s the point of going through the beginning and middle if you already know what it’s leading up to?

It starts out with Jie all blah blah blah I’m beaten, but my people and the Roakians are really descendents of Earthlings!!! Nobody knows what this has to do with anything, but it is truly shocking!!! (I’m guessing that scene is in all of them, but maybe it explains it better in another one, I dunno.) Then it goes on to a few different scenes involving the characters: Cius is walking in the forest bragging about how he’s gonna make the history books for being a great warrior; Tinek is fighting at the Arena again; Marvel says goodbye to Joshua in Sylvant, saying to no one in particular that he is her brother, followed by a shot of a Featherfolk girl entrapped in ice (I’m guessing Joshua’s sister possessed or took the form of Marvel either by magic or ghostly means). Finally Ratix and Milly say goodbye to Ronixis and Iria, absoultely nothing interesting there.

So uh, comparitively, is this ending “good,” or “bad,” or “average?” I remember hearing about there being all sorts of different endings depending on how you played your Relationships, but this one… just was kinda meh. Nothing exciting, if you ask me, except for that one revelation.

Oh, and if anyone’s curious: I haven’t done the Seven Star dungeon yet, I was about average level 45 when I beat it, and I did check out the Oracle Room. I’m going to guess those “cameos” are added sprites? Otherwise I’ll be forced to be angry for not being able to know what they really say. >O (And you know which cameos I’m talking about. Especially YOU, Ciddy-boy. Yeah, THOSE one.) Should that be spoiler-tagged? Anyway, my party (for those who didn’t want to read the spoilers) was Ratix, Milly, Iria, Ronixis, Cius, Joshua, Marvel, and Tinek.

Now this post is running long, so uh, if there’s any discussion to be had, let’s have it!

Was my post too long or something?

I don’t think the majority of the people here have played the first Star Ocean, so most of us are unable to comment.

I liked the easter egg in the oracle room.

Star Ocean is a decidedly unfinished game. There are lots of things inside the game which were never put into play (like another character, about thirty other items and monsters, etc. and probably another dungeon). It looks like it was majorly rushed.

Sounds like SO2. Was the usefulness of item creation and skills, etc, moved to a more important level in the sequel or something? Because they saved my butt many a time and I can’t fathom why they wouldn’t factor into the gameplay as much in the 1st…

No, they weren’t very well-thought-out in the first. The really important ones fail much too often (and use ingredients that are much too rare) to be of any use. There are a few good ones, but most are just annoying. Not as annoying as SO3, but annoying nonetheless.

SO2 actually had a very finished feel to it. There were a few glitches, but nowhere near the stuff present in the first game.

Well, I WAS going to post before everyone else did, but my computer went crazy. About the ending, Star Ocean has never been known for it’s storylines or it’s satisfying endings. Their just supposed to be fun little things thrown in at the end.

Besides, like everyone else says, SO2 is so much better anyway. I’m a bit confused at your ending however. It looks like your highest Relationship points were between Joshua and Marvel. I would expect more along the lines of Ratix and Iria or maybe Ratix and Milly.

Wait a second, did that guy at the beginning…Dion or something, did they find a cure for him and everyone else?

Yeah they did, but that was before the end.

As for the Relationship thing… I really don’t get what was going on. :stuck_out_tongue: I have played a bit of SO2, and it seemed like SO1’s Private Actions were way more limited. Perhaps that can be explained by its unfinishedness.

Which, YES. THAT’S why I’m so angry at this game! It’s not even finished! I’ll bet they’d pushed and pushed at the deadline, and seeing as how it was released in 1996, during the last days of the SNES, they just wanted to get it out while they still could… Ah well, it sounds like they made up for it in SO2.

I’m curious about this character. Is it someone who is actually in the game, and they just didn’t get around to programming them as playable? Or do they just not exist at all now?

I don’t know for sure. But I do know that his/her name is Rune. I don’t have the hacking skills to see if such a character actually exists. It might just be an NPC.

The PAs in SO1 are indeed much more limited, as are the endings (there’s really just one ending with maybe three or four variations). You live and learn; they did use a lot of the ideas in SO2 and made them all much better. Then they used a lot of them in SO3 and made them worse again. -_-

…Couldn’t Enix have just waited and brought the game to the Playstation? Maybe they didn’t know about the Playstation or whether they could do so such a thing? I think I answered my own question again. I bet they just kept it in Japan and on the SNES just to make sure that no Star Trekkie fan would hear about this awesome PSX game and bring on the lawsuits or something.

YES! YES! Someone agrees with me about SO3! It’s like no one talks about the game at all. Why didn’t they just leave the PA system as it was? Maybe the fact that I barely liked or remember any of the characters in SO3 is kind of affecting my outlook on that.