Star Ocean Remake

Check out the last two pics. SO1 is being remade in SO2’s image. This could be absolutely awesome. I really really hope it comes out here, preferably on a portable system, because the more news I hear the more I’m convinced I’m going to buy both a DS and a PSP. (Together they’re about $50 more than a Wii.) FF Dissidia (apparently a Final Fantasy Smash Brothers sort of thing) will definitely clinch the deal if it comes out here.

…drat, reasons to buy a psp.

I hope that this means that there will finally be an offical release of SO1. :slight_smile:

Check out your link in the other thread, Killmore :wink:

When was the last time Square Enix has made (not published) an original game that WASNT A SEQUEL OR REMAKE? I’m really fucking sick of them.

Final Fantasy XII… Final Fantasy XIII in the future? You could call it a sequel due to the number but it’s really a game on it’s own, or a series.

The Last Remnant seems interesting. Plus, it’s new.

The PSP may be mostly ports, but I’ve been thinking about getting one. Star Ocean 1 could have been better and I never got to play Star Ocean 2. Let’s hope the overhaul SO1’s getting does it justice.

Ok, maybe I should’ve rephrased it to Sequels/Remakes/Final Fantasies?

It’s a Wonderful World.

And the one before that was…
Code Age Commanders?

That’s great I just hope it makes it stateside.