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Heyas. :sunglasses:

I’d just like to draw people’s attention here:

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Don sounds better than Dorn

Did you write that? I notice the link to your shrines.:ah-ha!:

I don’t mind Don or Dorn, whats in a name?

  1. Personally, Dorn sounds better than Don to me (I dislike that name), but if they want an Italian flavour, then Don is fine.

  2. They should call the skill a ‘style skill’ and the technique a ‘super technique’.

I’d suggest you leave it as is just for consistency. But then again, I’ve yet to find a working version of this game to play.

Dorn sound better…

And stick with Ougi. Cless from ToP left the mark there forever…

“Ougi! Hadinken…”

(Or Ryo from KoF… KeKiGenKyo Ougi! Oraoraoraora…~)

Dorn sounds better, in my opinion.

And about “Super Technique”… it kinda reminds me of a crappy anime/game done for hyperactive kids (Think DBZ), so I’d leave it as “Technique”

I would leave ougi alone. The others don’t really matter much to me.

I really look forward to the final version. Keep up the good work.