Star Ocean.... Please Help

-I’m sure this issue is a dead horse that has been beaten to death hundreds of times, but I’m a n00b, so don’t flame me…

How do I get Star Ocean to work with my Snes9x emulator?

Is there a link?

Can someone give me some baby steps on how the rom and its patches work together in order for me to play it?

My main problem is the graphics. It’s all garbled. Can’t distinguish a damn thing…

So I’ve been searching non-stop for about half a day, and have found no solution…

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated… and please DO NOT tell me to get ZSNES.

Thank you,


Check in forums for a thread before you post anything.

-Well, after looking through forums from about 4 different websites, I finally found that my problem came from my outdated version of Snes9x.

But no more worries… Star Ocean is playing just fine now.