Star Ocean Patch Help

I’d appreciate any help to patch star ocean for a zsnes. I think the walkthrough in the Star Ocean shrine is a little outdated. For example I couldn’t find the DEXOR program. Also, yes I know I utterly suck.

lol, thats funny, im stuck at the plant, and i cant find the coe to get into where the boss dude is, which sucks. Sorry buddy, i cant help u cuz i suck too. I have played the game, its awesome, but i suck like u.

Just unzip both on the same folder, rename them so that they have the EXACT SAME name (For example, they are both “Star Ocean.whatever format goes here”) and just load up the rom file with Zsnes and it should do the patching by itself.

If you want to use Snes9X, just find SnesTool and ask again, it’s easy as hell.

does the # varie from game to game?

ZSNES is known for having some compatability problems with Star Ocean so it probably would be better to use Snes9X.

I’ve never had any problems with Star Ocean in ZSNES… >_>

I have snes9x and I couldn’t get it running either.

I might be wrong, but I think this guy is asking where to GET the patch. I’ve never been able to find one either.

Just apply the translation patch and don’t bother with the graphic packs anymore, the latest releases of Zsnes and SNES9X both run it without that crap.

And to find patches, is your friend.