Star Ocean how to.

Okay. This may seem really dumb. I just started to paly Star Ocean for SNES and I can’t figure out how to identify items I have already picked up. I know it involves the spectacles but I can only use them during battles. I have read that it can be done, but no one says how to do it. I know I’m missing something really small and obvious but I need help.


First, you have to buy groups of skills from some stores. Then you’ve got to give your characters the skills that will give them ranks in identifying.

You can read more about skills in the shrine Cid’s made:

Then, if I remember well, you press X in the item menu and them choose item creation skills (go figure). You’ll then be able to navigate through your characters and their item-related skills, and identify will be there. Each use takes 1 spectacle.

You are so awesome. I’m sure people tell you that all the time though. I had read about it on the shrine but I just couldn’t figure how the actual steps to do it. Seems kind of weird to have identification under creation. Oh well. Now I won’t go insane trying to figure it out. Thanks again.

Annalee :moogle: