Star Ocean Help

hey, I recently downloaded a Star Ocean ROM. I haven’t been able to get it working at all, with or without the translation patch. As soon as I load the ROM, (In ZSNESW), it has a green square, then a grey rectangle, and then it just restarts.

Any ideas on what it could be!?


Make sure you have the latest version of ZSNES. Previous versions needed some kind of graphics patch (which I was unable to find anywhere), but the new one doesn’t (so I finally got to play it this last week when I heard about it).

I re-downloaded after formatting my computer… I think that was about a week, or maybe a little more ago. Would there be any updates? - I might try that anyways, thanks Kei!


I had to unzip the Files. Then applied the newer de-jap patches since I’d downloaded it in Nov 03.


Hey, thanks for that.
Should be working now.
I just need to move the files over to the computer in my room;)