Star Ocean Help...

Ok I was wondering if it is possible to get Fear if you currently have Ratix, Iria, Ronixis, Ashlay, Joshua, and Marvel (Yes I know you need to get rid of her) and if so where do I get her at? I am at the point in the game where you have to collect all the emblems for the Demon World thing


No, there’s no chance at all. Not to be mean or anything, but why didn’t you check the Star Ocean shrine?

Anyway, once you get Ashlay, Fear is gone. That’s it. No way around it unless you leave the sucker. Marvel, on the other hand, I think doesn’t matter in that particular equation.

Oh alright then, I did check the guide, but it was confusing, which is why I posted here. Anyways thanks for the information, saved me alot of time searching for the answer somewhere else!


Seems as though you CAN get Fear if you have Ashlay, you ask her to join you when you go to get the emblem from her kingdom, though I already have Tinek I’m just gonna go get Perisie for the bunny whistle, too bad you can’t get Tinek outta your group…stupid wolf thing…


The only combination where you can’t get Fear is if you want to have neither Cius, Ashlay, or Joshua.

Aw Crap! NOW I remember! You can only get Ashaly if you don’t have Cius…sigh I’m afraid I don’t have the most reliable of memories.

As I remember, Fear was a pretty good party member. Not good enough since I still used Tinek in her place but whatever.