Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

Anyone playing this or already finish? Any Star Ocean fans here? I played 2, got about halfway through 3. Never played the original.

Started 4 on the PS3 over the weekend. It’s keeping me interested so far.

I got it with FFXIII, I dabbled in it a bit. Seems ok so far. I’ll pick it up when I get through Tales of the Abyss.

I noticed you were playing it Locke. Let me know if you like it. My friend and I are considering it to pass the time unitl Fallout: New Vegas comes out.

I remember hearing it was pretty decent, save for a few flaws. But you got the PS3 version (the best!) so most of those are pretty much eliminated.
(Said flaws being annoying disc switching and awful VA, and some other crap I don’t remember.)

I do like the Star Ocean games though, and I’ve played them all save for SO4 and the PSP remakes.

It’s completely ridiculous, but somehow keeps me interested. You’re looking for a new earth, and are not supposed to interfere with any existing civilizations. So what do you do? Find a planet with similar conditions to earth, land your ship 100 feet from a town, walk off your ship and start slaughtering any life forms you see. Then head into town, loot people’s houses, and start mingling with the natives.

Flying through black holes, time travel, tractor beams…you really have little control over where you go. And when you do make a decision to go somewhere on your own, someone you know will just happen to be in the neighborhood. Hopefully there’s an explanation down the road.

Just opened a chest:

“Obtained item! Micro Hadron Collider x 1”


I just laughed so hard right now! Thanks Locke.

funny too=)) Great game

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