Star Ocean 3

So how is this game any different from the second one? Because so far, it all looks almost EXACTLY the same.

I haven’t played #2, but SO3 is definately worth playing the first disc of.

Battle system’s different, the whole crafting thing is different (not that I’m at a point where I can craft anything yet…), and so on. Story similiarities are probably not an accident.

I THINK almost done with the game.

The character’s are more boring. Remember all those skills you could learn and such? That system has almost been completely done away with and replaced with a much more simplistic and easy to use system. I still like the original SO2’s skill system. So sue me.

You can no longer select PA’s when your near a town. They just happen when you enter a town and talk to a character. I’ll be darned if I really found a lot of PA’s though, or any that actually interested me.

The story is a lot more rousing and eventful than SO2’s. There’s the introduction of that Fury Gauge, and the map completion you can do to get certain items. I guess that’s it.

If I’m correct in what a PA is (when you can talk to your party members), wasn’t that done automatically in SO3?
Also, the Fury gauge. You have a strong attack and weak attack button. Strong attacks do more damage, but take more time. Weak attacks can be blocked (and soon are countered) by still enemies. Also when Fury is low, you can’t attack. So, it adds some strategy (as well as choosing appropiate moves for the four possible combinations of near/far distance and strong/weak attack.
And you can see the enemies before they attack, so it’s no more random battles!
Also, the game doesn’t pause for spell animations. And you have a brief period you can cancel an enemies spell by smacking them while they’re speaking (for enemies that have a voice) (maybe you could in SO2, been some time since I played, but I know that in SO2 time stopped while spell animations happened, which slowed down battles).
Map completion is reeeallly annoying. You need to search down to the last pixel to get 100%. Probably why it took me 67 hours to reach disc 2 (I hear it should only take about 30)… while that and I keep trying to tackle the advanced dungeons, expecting them to be the bonus dungeons mentioned in one town. But, the ruins of the underwater city seems to be the dungeon that was optional that I’ve done.

And of those I believe can be finished in the first disc, it appears you only get an item that boosts running speed. :frowning: But, I guess if you get enough it allows you to barely squeak by enemies who’d otherwise catch you.

Yeah. The first disc is good…but it has the WORST PLOT TWIST EVER. As soon as the plot twist hit I lost all motivation to play the game any further…so I didn’t.

The plot twist made everything you did on disc 1 seem pointless :frowning:

I still beat the game, I wasn’t expecting a good plot anyway. Gameplay is solid :smiley:

Wow, I’m glad I’m not alone in how hollow that plot twist mad me feel the game was.

They were trying to be “deep” and “philosophical” instead of giving me more battles. Crap, now if I play SO2, knowing what SO3 states, the game seems kind of…empty too.

Actually, no it doesn’t. SO2 is still better.

I was incredibly upset when the plot twist first happened. Then, I stopped and realized that, no matter what, it was just a video game anyway, and I really liked the gameplay, so I went ahead and finished up the game and any extra dungeons.

The plot twist actually made me giggle, because I’ve played with similar thoughts for my whole life. Something like “is something bigger watching?” philosophical, but way off the turn towards religious. I had no problem with it, actually, past the first “Uhm… okay” reaction.

Kinda like that with me but, “There is something Bigger watching!”


I rather liked the story, even if the plot twist kind of made the entire game seem meaningless.

But I’m not saying it’s the twist itself that hurt the story. Rather, it’s the way it was presented, and the fact that afterwards, nobody in the game reacted to it, save for two of the heroes (whom just happen to be the two heroes I cared little about.)

But then again, earlier in the game, I expected a lot more… you know… emotion from the characters in reaction to the (literally) earth shattering events that happened over the course of the game. I mean, how would you react if you learned that not only there exists intelligent life out there beyond the stars, but that there are thousands of other races more advanced than your own, and to them, you’re just a small part of a database, labeled as “Undeveloped - Do Not Intervene”? I imagined Albel and Nel and all the other Elicoorians would be driven to insanity.

The part that really hurt though was the unexplored depth of the SO universe. The game’s database feature, with backstory on a myriad of different planets, cultures, and history, would lead you to believe that you’d be exploring dozens of strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations, boldly going where no man, Elicoorian, or Klausian has gone before… but that never happens. 8(

And the gameplay has issues, too. It’s nearly impossible to progress through the game near the end unless you customize your weaponry exactly as an FAQ instructs you to, and this counteracts one of the game’s most prominent features; unrivaled depth and customization.

But I keep playing it because I’m insistent on earning all the extras. 8)

Dalton: Good point about the unexplored stuff… I had the same feeling you did there. 8-\ As for the extras, that’s why they’re extras. 8p

As for the Elicoorians not being so amazed, don’t forget that even in Elicoor itself there are several different races, and there’s a strong element of fantasy involved. Perhaps to us humans it’d be crazy, but when you’re already living in a world where there’s so much variety of things happening, it’s probably not quite as insane.

Yes, I’d imagine the Elicoorians just shrugging something like that off as something like a kind of greater gods. They are after all a very religious bunch.

I suppose the one thing I really liked about the database is the fact that it connected some thing with the previous two games. Like, explained the whole deal with Claude being sent off to Expel, a plot point I thought was just, you know, a big gapping hole. Or at least it explains something about it.

You know what did kind of bother me? Naming the main charcter something like Fayt. Yeah, try to be more melodramatic, why don’t you?

Whatever you do, DON’T read Maria Traydor’s database entry. Holy crap, I read it while I was in the Airyglyph Aqueducts and basically ruined a plot point. Seems to me that someone wasn’t paying attention to how much information they should give.

Yeah I read 4D Dimension or something while I was on planet Styx for the first time and it spoiled everything to come. Not that I wasn’t expecting it, but…still.

Well, by that time, you’ve already been to Moonbase by that time, so everything was basically explained. However, at the beginning of the game, I was mainly playing to see why Hyda IV was attacked in the first place. Well, how wonderful to have the fact that Fayt is a weapon be ruined to you in the third freakin’ dungeon. It took the surprise out of some plot points which were supposed to be “Oh my gosh!” and instead were “Oh, yeah, the database already ruined that.”

The plot twist had so much potential. When I first learned the basics of it I thought “Man, thats cool. RPGs usually have fights with gods but this does it in a whole new way.”. Unfortunately 40 minutes later you learn the universe is a mother fucking MMORPG. And that just kills the game for everyone I know who’s played it. It doesn’t just invalidate the events in SO3 but in the previous two games in the series as well.

That’s the problem. It’s like…everything else was for nothing. If they continue the series, I don’t know how I’d approach it then knowing that, hey none of it’s real, so why does it matter? It’s a plot twist that should come at the last part of a series. Which I hope this this game is not. They need another game with Ashton. That guy was the hook-up. What I don’t understand is how your saying they approached it in a whole new way. I mean, everone was spouting out “They Executioners are so powerful…are they Gods?”

I’m at Styx after you meet Blair, and I’m still hoping for some last plot twist that says the form of “Oh, no, we’re just kidding, ignore that last part.” I doubt that’ll happen though.

Yeah have fun meeting the real flat, one tracked boss whom you wont really want to give a shit about. Those kinds of last battles are always profound.