Star Ocean 3 Plot Hole

Star Ocean 3 has a wide, gaping plot hole

AT the very beginning of the game, peppita draws an autograph on Fayt’s shirt, and it’s sloppy as phuck. During dramatic parts like when his planet got attacked you could see it and it added out-of-place comic relief

He lost his clothes when he went to Elicoor 3 and got caught in Airglyph’s dungeon and Nel gave him his clothes back and said he should wear different clothes to keep a low profile. But he wore the regular clothes anyways

And then all after that, you don’t see Peppita’s autograph anymore

What the phuck is with that?

Perhaps his clothes were washed. Unless Pepita used permanent marker, then we have another plothole.

It’s just a video game, relax.


I just clocked 100 hours on this game

A really major thing in this game that’s bothersome is that

The eternal sphere, the world it all takes place in in the three games, is all just a video game. One of the crafters in the third game the description says she was a master at SO1 and SO2, literally. That really destroys everything the first two games stood for. That also crushes any future for a fourth game, since that would just be a game

I also thought it broke down to corny existmental bullshit at the end and totally defied itself

He did change his clothes in Elicoor. The ones he wears for the remainder of the game aren’t the ones he started with. They look similar, but they’re not.

Exismental? Oh wow, that’s funny :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I played about 8 hours of this game and said peace out. And by the way, the autograph is hardly a wide, gaping plot hole, as that really has nothing to do with the plot. The whole video game thing just sounded gay as hell.

conjured autographs disappear if logged out for more than 15 minutes.

is it really a plot hole if it has virtually nothing to do with the plot?

Star Ocean 3 has a plot? Really?

Just kidding but the plot of Star Ocean 3 either sucked horribly, was horribly executed, or a combination of the both, and is definately not the reason to play the game. The Reason anyone would want to play it is the fairly fun and enjoyable gameplay. So pointing out any kind of plotholes really isn’t a big deal.

Only my opinion mind. there are some who may disagree.

i’ve never played it before, but that’s like saying if a james bond wore a black tux in one scene and a midnight blue one later in the movie, it’s a plot hole. and in no way is it a gaping plot hole, let alone a normal one.

also, maria and nel are totally hot babes.

Meh, there are better games with hotter babes I figure, but that’s a pretty shallow reason to play a game. you can get hot babes in things other than video games afterall.

I didn’t have a problem with Star Ocean 3, I found it to be a fully alright game. Well, save that voice-actor for Nel’s underling who was something similar to knives carving through my ears.

Psychotic bishies with claws for one arm can make me forgive a lot of things. I still crack up thinking about Albel laughing evilly upon leveling up.

Nel was hot. I would hit that like a wrecking ball.

Albel was just insane, but in a ‘Fucking awesome’ sort of way. The insane guy you’re glad he’s on your side.

I’ll give, Albel was awesome. In fact, if they took out fayt, maria and sophia and made Albel the main character, I would be so much happier with the game despite the fact that the plot would need to be grievously changed at that point. But I could live with the plot being entirely focussed on the Elicoor war and such, provided they increased the length of it and such.

Star Ocean 3: Albel’s Excellent Adventure.

I’d buy that spinoff.

Albel was a dork. All he did was call people maggot and worm. Yeah, typical crazy evil guy. He did nothing but maim and get himself pussywhipped into following Fayt around. His character was flat, lifeless and done a million times.

As for Nel and Maria, I’ve found fanart a hell of a hotter than their original character designs. Also nothing special there.

I liked how they called Tynave and Farleen when you first meet them “Cold-Looking Woman” and “Even Colder-Looking Woman”. 8p

When I think hot-looking-game-chick, I can only think Claire Redfield. But Star Ocean is still freaking awesome.

You can say that again. I’d hit them like the fist of an angry god.

Like previous persons have said, yes, the plot became totally lame, but the game was fun anyways. Maybe it was just fun to play…and the last dungeon looked really neat. I’d like to have something like that for my lair of evil.

In closing, needs more MariaxNel slash fiction.