Star Ocean 3: Finished

Battle Trophies: 113
Character level: Early 80s
Max Damage: 99999, go Albel the Wicked, slay all! SLAY!
Team used: Nel, Fayt, Albel
Move most exploited: Air Slash, it’s cheap, easy to link with itself and with my setup it exceeds 30000 damage, what’s not to love?
Colloseum Rank: #2, stupid Dragoons.

To the cave of trials! Huzzah!

What the… I haven’t even got it yet.

Big Nutter
Wishes that Oct 1st is tomorow… UK RPG day

Nice… My chars’ lvls are still in the early 40’s.

Congratulations, Zero! Have fun with the Maze of Tribulations. Oh, and bring a weapon with an Attack + 1000, 6 Att/Def + 30%, and a light shooting ability… that should make it much, much easier.

An attack +1000? How do you get those? I got orialcon that gives +500 that I can refine to get multiple +500, but I haven’t been able to merge the 500s…is there a way? I got the rest of the stuff at least.

Win the S rank in the Battle Arena for a scroll containing Attack + 1000.


batman music

To the Game store!! My Demonic friend.

WindyTWIT (is BN’s Dark Macc, also a semi super hero)
Man… they won’t have it for least a week.

I’m level 30 on the Air Dragon (Fayt, Maria, Nel, Cliff). But I started playing ffxi again, so I dunno when I’ll pick S03 back up.

I am so desperate to play SO3 ;_; I even started playing SO2 to satisfy my cravings.

If anyone’s interested, I’m at floor 165 of Sphere 211. I’m trying to defeat the final set of hidden bosses before I go after any more trophies.