Star Control is NOT A RELIGION. Wacko warning.

The story: Someone comes in and posts the a site in Godawful Websites. We all marvel at it’s crackpottery.

And then the creator comes in. Basically he acts like Star Control is a religion, wants free and unlimited beer, sex, weed, mushrooms and gold for everyone, and then tells us that he’s going to kill us all if we don’t “evolve into rainbow plants” in a few years.

I just have to share this with you.

Wow. The game was good, but not that good. One of my favs, but it does have the flaw of how its sometimes to easy to go somewhere your not ready for. And the time limit. ANd too much time spent collecting resources.

That’s…disturbing. He’s totally serious throughout the whole thing.

Unlimited supply of sex = good. Sex is good. Sex makes kitty happy.
Unlimited supply of beer = good. Beer kills stupid people with alcoholism and alcohol-related accidents. Killing stupid people makes kitty happy.
Unlimited supply of weed (cannabis) = good. See above statement.
Unlimited supply of mushrooms = good. Mushrooms are divine on certain dishes. If he means the hallucinogenic kind, see above statement.
Unlimited supply of gold = bad. If gold was unlimited, it would be useless, as gold is only valuable in its rarity. While there are some practical uses for gold, I get the feeling this guy’s talking mostly abount monetary uses.

Picking holes exelent.

Big nutter
Carry on you’re doing well.


Spazz…just say: Ultinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant. :slight_smile:

(May faulty logic undermine your entire philosophy)

I’ve seen worse.

Examples, plz.

Christianity and Islam.