Stairway to Heaven, or Stairway to hell?

Oh please, I’ve heard this so many times about so many songs, it just gets stupid after a while.

plays a random song backwards Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him.

Pfft, true evil was letting Rolf Harris cover it in the first place :ah-ha!:

Fuck you, Xelo. I was hoping for a Guilty Gear X2 topic, but NOOO, it’s gotta be about something else.

This isa like that thing in Little Nicky where he plays the song backwards and its the devil’s voice, unless it is that thing in little nicky

“Congratulations. You have just discovered the secret message. Send your answer to Old Pink in care of the funny farm.”

Here’s a really good explanation of reversed phonetics, along with even more examples of ‘flipped’ lyrics:

I couldn’t hear anything in the reverse play at all.

What else is new?
There are satanic messages in just about everything, and if there aren’t: We make some up.

Originally posted by IonMage
I couldn’t hear anything in the reverse play at all.

Originally posted by IonMage
I couldn’t hear anything in the reverse play at all.

Funny the way the human mind works, you almost certainly would’ve been able to if you’d read the lyrics first

The funny thing about the Stairway to Heaven thing? You can play it backwards, and it still sounds like a respectable song. Scratchy and satanic, yes, but still at least respectable.

Besides that, I can hear the messages, but only because I’ve been told ahead of time that they’re there. I know what to look for.

Behold the power of <strike>cheese</strike> suggestion.

I don’t think it’s the case with people here, but I feel sad knowing that a lot of people do believe in hidden reversed satanic messages in many songs. I’ve seen cases of parents taking videogames and rock CD’s from their children afraid of such messages (some 2 or 3 of my buddies faced that problem >_<)

Didn’t sound like anything to me. Course I didn’t know what to listen for.

Led Zeppelin rules.

I’ve heard of these things before. Is it true?? Am so naive.

I can only pick out the “satanic messages” when I read along to the supossed lyrics other than that it sounds garbeled.

It hardly sounds believable.

Did you know that if you play Justin Timberlake songs backwards, they sound better?


Justin Timberlake. Jessica Simpson. Britney Spears. I hear satanic messages when they play their songs FORWARDS.

Funny how individual perception varies from person to person, ain’t it?