staffer/personality crushes

Eden’s the hottest.

I’m not sure about “crush” but I like Eva. Plus, she’s the only certified female I’ve spoken to in this place.

My dirty little secret.


Evas a GIRL?!


I’m funny! Oh so frikin heck yah! :slight_smile:

Wh00t! Wh00t!

Oh, and expect to see more Rikku.

steps away and makes a run for it …=)


:heart: :kissy: :heart:

Hades is a girl.

So am I.

Worship us.

I thought Hades was a boy, and you Cala…I DON’T know.

haha YES. i forgot about my profile. I put male as my gender because a lot of my comments are vulgar and unladylike, but when I’m not, it’s pretty obvious that Im a girl. I should take that out. How dare you not notice my feminine side. I now shun you.

I’m glad someone else likes me, because I’m crushin on a lot of people here too, haha. Not totally seriously though, I love my sociology teacher more. And Hades is a guy, I checked, myself.


Nobody likes me ;.;


Well… I don’t think I’ve got any real <I>crushes</I>, I’ve just got people I like…
Which is everyone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have no reason to admit any crushes in public, because the people I’m especially fond of already know it. That sure saves me a lot of trouble… ^^;;;;

I like you, in a Platonic way.

I :heart: Dalton of Zeal. :kissy:

And he’s my boyfriend, by the way. Saying anyone else would be blasphemy.

Y’know that one guy who likes DBZ and plays guitar? He is <b>SUCH</b> a hottie.

I of course have a huge crush on Epic.

…blink blink

Well there was one guy thats handsome and i had a crush on for a time and I ain’t telling nahhhh :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I can’t keep this secret anymore!!!
Hmm it was Ackbar, those tentacleeesss. cough >_>

Oh I forget there was this moron that reminded me of someone i knew in real life, so lame he is i almost forgot about him.

Kagons a cutie =D I hate to admit it but Izlude1984 is cute too. And eh who else… bah I can’t remember.