staffer/personality crushes

the seven games of Beirut I’ve played tonight nonwithstanding, what are your biggest crushes on the site, whether staffer or visitor?

Mine are: Walhalla, Dragon Tear, AND SK!!!


Uh… what? Merlin is drunk, lolz! This thread should be closed right now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good thing there was no poll, cos then everyone woulda picked me :stuck_out_tongue:

Maz has a secret crush on Sin. But everyone knew that.

And SG, that’s just cuh-razy talk. The ladies are all up ons The 984. Remember, you can soar with the four.

This thread makes me laugh out loud. :runaway:

Everyone’s sweet on Sin…it’s that Green Power Ranger look. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not.

A winner is Kiro.

Only those with male parts are fascinated with Sin. And it’s awful because it’s true.

So this is how it ends, eh?

Eden and Trillian

So far the girls have had the funniest posts over the last two days. This and Kiro’s M line in her poem.


Wait… I dont know the green power rangers name. Dont look at me like that…

Which is precisely why My appearance is still a mystery. Mwa hah haahahha. though I’ve hinted that I look like Richard Ramirez(though I need to actually post a picture to prove that)

I can’t say I have any “crushes” .

Ok I Like Evangelion, Jing and the Queen of the Books Weilia.

Big Nutter
E mega Sin, Pid dryd y bnanaxieceda uv zuehehk. (I like Sin, But that a prerequisite of joining.)

I like Cammy.

Eva, despite the fact I’ve never seen her face.
And Izlude, I also like it. But ya know what I’d prefer. I think you do. Bounce damn you, booouuunce.

I thought Eva was a dude.

This is the perfect time for a :thud: smilie.

I like those three random girls that I don’t know, but one of them responded to one of my posts once.

nah I never really get drunk. I’m a drinking beast.