SSBM Tournament - TORONTO

My friend is having a Toronto based Super Smash Brothers Melee tournament. He’s really enthusiastic about it:

“Yo, fine peeps! You play SSBM? You want some outside competition? Live anywhere near Toronto? Think you’re good?”

“Then get your oh-so-sexay rear end to TournyTO, Toronto’s first good, actual-factual, SWF organised tournament. The West has hogged Canada’s SSBM spotlight for too long; we are gonna show off what we Easterners can do. The best will be proven, names will be MADE. Think you are good? Get out of your basement and into mine and show Toronto and the SWF what you can do.”

“This is it folks. SSBM. In Toronto. Time to strut your stuff because this is big, this is real, this is happening, this is what we have been waiting for.”

“Wanna Smash?”

You can read the whole thing HERE but basically he’s trying to organize a SSBM tournament, and maybe start a some form of SSBM Community in Toronto. If you’re interested, don’t be afraid to comeout. Just send one of us an email, or reply to this topic with a definite “yes” answer.

tMoC (The Organizer):

PanamaJack(The Messenger):

This might be a good opportunity to meet other RPGC members too. I’ll be there, helping out and competing. If you have any further questions, just post a reply to this topic with your query.

Hmm, starts at noon, but the earlier saturday flight doesn’t get in til 3. Looks like there’s no chance for me.

Darnation. I’m nowhere close Toronto.

Hum, but I DID had a few tournaments back there, overe here in Quebec…And our Champion is sure an hell of a kickass mother(?$". He won the last two tourneys with Samus and Jigglypuff, repsectivly. And I dont mean just won.

I litteraly mean demolished the opposition.
We had around…oh, 57 ish peoples at it, too.
Let’s see how good you guys are. :smiley:

May I enter, perhaps?

Originally posted by Dalton Of Zeal
May I enter, perhaps?

Sure, the more the merrier. Just CAREFULLY read the tournament instructions and make sure you come to the right place at the right time. Once again, if you need any further information, don’t be afraid to ask.

Oh yeah, tMoC (The organizer) wants me to point out a couple things:

-“Obviously, anyone can participate in this tournament, otherwise we wouldn’t have posted it in an open forum. All are welcome!”

-“I’d like to have a good showing for this tournament, but as it looks right now we have less than 20 people coming. By rallying support on these boards, it would be ideal to reach the maximum of 32 participants. Any more people than that and it will be CRAZY.”

One last note… Using my amazing mathematical prowess, I have determined that we have about 12 spots open to the public right now. We’ll run on a “first come, first serve” basis.

There aren’t that many Torontarians here. Cid and Dalton are the only two I think, and Cid doesn’t play SSBM.

Originally posted by Lunaris
Darnation. I’m nowhere close Toronto.
Let’s see how good you guys are. :smiley:

Well, I believe that many of the matches will be taped and posted on the web, so you’ll get a chance to see them afterwards. tMoC is pretty wicked awesome, and he says that there’s at least a few other people as good as him.

Originally posted by Xelopheris
There aren’t that many Torontarians here. Cid and Dalton are the only two I think, and Cid doesn’t play SSBM.

Really? I thought there were more… Oh well, fact still remains that there’s a tournament, and that everyone is invited. If you have friends, bring em along as well.

What characters do you guys like to use? I’m partial to Ness.

I am also a Ness player. A pretty awesome one at that, considering the fact I dont own a Gamecube.

I ended up in …what, 28th out of 50ish place or so at one tourney, filled of crack-players for a good bunch of them?

I lost in my first tourney in the first round because they didn’t allow you to change colors, (Two Green Links equals two suicides… at -2… for both of us…) and we both got confused, even though we had nametags on–

Funny, Ness is my fave character, but I ended up training so hard as Pikachu (to enable Ness on SSB) that I never actually got the feel for Ness… so I’m a PikaPika. :stuck_out_tongue: I won’t b making t to the tournament unless I miraculously get plane money… but I’m real good as Pikachu.

Well, I live in Missisauga, but I don’t play SSBM.

Toronto is too far away…

But I am a Marth/Roy player. Sometimes for the sheer hell of it, I am Young Link or Bowser. And believe me when I say that I don’t care who you are, if I am Marth or Roy, you stand no chance of winning.

Im a Fox kinda guy. I kick major ass with him. And if i lived in toronto i would come to the tourney. I do live kind of close but not really. I live in Michigan. So its like right above me map wise. Good luck to all in the tournement.

I was good at the original SSB, but I haven’t played SSBM. Still, I think I’m fair game, and I’m going to learn how to play before the tournament anyway.

Well, there’s probably going to be a good mix of skill levels participating. I know that there a few people who are really “hard-core” SSBM players, but there’s going to be a few people who aren’t that great (myself included).

And I find that Ness is a fairly popular choice, simply because he was rather good in the first Smash Brothers. Many people just tried to carry over their Ness skills into SSBM. I mix it up between Falco and the Ice Climbers myself. Falco has some serious speed and agility, while the Ice Climbers are just plain fun to play.

Oh yeah, and you can bring some friends if you want Dalton. As long as they have decent sense of gameplay, they can participate.

1: Damnit all, I don’t live near Toronto.

2: PanamaJack, I used a similar avatar to what you have currently months ago. RARRRGGHHHH!H!!!HH!HHH!!

Personally, I use Sheik like a bitch. If someone is using a big character (DK, Bowser, Ganondorf), I can easily rape them. I’m starting to use Samus a bit often, but the one character that just 0wnz (and I’m sure the majority of you will agree) is Marth, hands down.

so nyah.

Oh, and

3: I peed in your pool.

i can come but i need the info

i suk at falco
i can barely wavedash =(

i got a few friends who might wanna come
some pros…

…what the?

I was actually quite interested in the thread, 'till I noticed Dalton posted in it which means it was an old post.

Don’t necro two year old threads.