SSBB new challenger speculation

Who do you think should appear in Super Smash Brothers Brawl?
I myself think that they should have Chrono from Chrono Trigger and even Magus. (even though that may happen in 4 deppending on how well Chrono plays):biggrin:
I hope they bring trophies back or make somthing even better. (just encase my afor mentioned picks don’t make the cut.):moonwalk:

I can guarantee you that you will not see Squaresoft characters in any Super Smash Brothers game. I can guarantee you 99.9%.

And here I was hoping for actual news. You failed me.

And while there’s no way in hell CT or FF characters will make it in, I’d say there’s a fairly decent chance of Geno coming to SSBB, whom is owned by S-E.


How the f did Snake get in? Kojima begged nintendo. Squenix is going to work with nintendo this time around so there’s just as much chance of Snake getting in a non-“gore-type” violent video game as there is Bartz, Galuf, Kefka, etc etc etc getting in.

I want to see some Fire Emblem characters, maybe Eliwood, Hector, and probably Matthew. They would all be neat additions. I’d also die to see Felix, Isaac, Ivan, Garret, Mia, or any other Golden Sun character in the game as well. It would be rediculously pwn. Same with Nathan Graves. Simon Belmont is too over rated. :\

Geno and Mallow are obviously on my list, as any fan would.

Ridley would be neat, but he’s too big. But so is Bowser, and he was added. O_o;

But nothing’s been said yet. So we’ll just have to wait and see! twiddles thumbs

Kefka will NEVER be allowed there. It’s too… wrong.

But on a more serious note: I really doubt that, if they were to use any characters from final fantasy (which they aren’t likely to), they’d use ones from Five. Really.

Of all the Nintendo Final Fantasies, I would imagine the classes from 1 or the characters from 4 would be the most likely to get in.

The 984 speaks true. THey are the ones with the right balance of familiarity, and sense of lightheartedness. 2 and 3 never got to america until recently, and 5 was not known for having characters you really noticed. And 6, while p[opular, is touchy.

I excluded 6 because, while it may be the most popular of the bunch, it is also the darkest. The SSB series has a rather lighthearted feel to it, so it would seem weird to include characters from 6. While the others were by no means a Barney and Friends RPG, just something about 6’s graphical style makes it seem even darker than the rest.

THat’s what I meant to say. But as usual, I fail.

Still holding on hope for Mike Jones here. And Geno. Beacause Geno rocks.

It would be fun to have Kefka. As a replacement of Master Hand! :open_mouth:

No wait, I’m thinking of Kingdom Hearts, and replacing Sephiroth. Nevermind. :runaway:

I don’t see why people didn’t “notice” the FFV characters. I thought they were great. I’d be really surprised if FFV’s characters weren’t in there. Though I have high hopes for the Golden Sun cast. :smiley:

Be prepared to be surprised then.

You guys aren’t very good at this.

The job system didn’t enhance their personality.

“I’m Cecil, ex Dark Knight turned Paladin”. Okay, I see where he’s coming from
“I’m Butz, yesterday fighter, today bard, tomorrow time mage”. Nah.

The FFVI characters seem to have more urgency. Whoops, Samus got whopped by Mario. Yoshi beats Link. Lighthearted. Fun. Terra gets beat by Fox McCloud. Sorry children, foster mom is gone. Shadow enters the arena. Shadow vs Mario, now that’s as perverted as loosing a pitbull in a kindergarten.

Is it possible for Sonic to be in this game?

Me too.

Galuf was supposed to be a hero, who was going to save the earth from ExDeath, but got knocked in the head and forgot everything. The people who find him, one being a random traveller, and the other being of all things a princess. Then of course there’s the entire finding the pirate girl who tries to be a guy. :expressionless:

I thought it was cool.


@Gila-monster: There’s a good chance he would be added; Mario needs to battle his ultimate rival already.

Same with Mega Man X. Me and some others had a debate on whether he should have a copy ability; what do you people think? I think he should just get abilities from his past 4 games for the SNES, and the 8 games on the NES.

Mega Man.

Simon Belmont.

Recreate Captain N! Just need to add in Little Mac, King Hippo, and Eggplant Wizard!

I think you guys need to wind done a notch here. I’m not sure how Brawl will be different from the past few games, but those only have four “special moves” per character. Somebody like Mega Man has was too many different “powers” to pick only a handful. Everything sounds great on paper, but it has to work into gameplay aspects as well.

That being said, bringing back Captain N’s crew would be awesome! It wouldn’t be that long of a stretch either because Kid Icuras is already represented.

I’d imagine Mega Man (or X) would just steal powers a-la kirby, so it’s not that crazy hard to implement.

Probably not someone we’re going to see, though. Nor would I really want to.

And the Captain N crew would need the chainsmoking Mega Man and Kidicus Icarus. Also the fruity version of Simon Belmont.