Square Enix Anime

Other than Final Fantasy, Full Metal Alchemist, and Spiral, there is the Toku-Super Hero parody Sun-Red. If it gets dubbed in the US, I expect Adult Swim to air it.


Anyone else know other SE anime I failed to mention?

Never heard of Spiral. Any good?

What do you mean by Square Enix Anime? If you mean manga titles that are published by SE and get adapted into anime (FMA, Spiral, and Astro Fighter Sunred all apply) then here are some of the more popular titles I recognize off the Wikipedia list:

Seto no Hanayome
Pani Poni Dash!
Bamboo Blade
Guardian of the Spirit
Soul Eater

Picking anime according to publisher seems pretty stupid to me. There’s usually nothing in common whatsoever in neither style nor animation. They just put money for the thing, they have no influence whatsoever on the actual production.

Cidolfas: Yet to watch it, but it’s mystery thriller that revolves around the series
antagonists, the Blade Children, bio-engineered beings characterized by cat-like eyes and by missing the seventh right rib bone.

Seraphim Ephyon: Not really. Besides, you might expect a FF reference in one of them.

Lice Action, Lionmaru-G

The story takes place in a FF7-style enviroment, with a samurai touch from the original “feudal era” shows decades ago.

No… you don’t. I don’t think you understand how this works: Square Enix sponsors some of the production costs because they have business involved in them in some way. They don’t produce anything and have next to absolutely no influence on them. The “ties” FMA (Made by BONES), Soul Eater (BONES), Higurashi (Deen), Seto no Hanayome (AiC/GONZO), etc have to it is that they were published in Gangan Comics, Enix’s old manga publishing company, and that they made the awful FMA PS2 games. The actual stuff is done by their respective authors and the animation (and subsecuent plot crippling after they overrun the manga) is handled by their respective random unafiliated studios. And the only reference to anything even remotely linked to S-E in any of these is that Ryukishi07 is a huge DQ nerd.

There are no ties whatsoever in regards to style, animation, content, target, writing, genre and if you’re waiting for gaming references, you’ll probably have to settle for the rare nod to DQ that’s more because all of Japan grinds to a halt every time a new game is released than because they have actual ties to the company. Hell, there are DQ references in Persona 4.

Mind, you these are all good stuff to check out anyhow, but searching because they are vaguely linked to the company is… dumb. The DQ, Kingdom Hearts or Star Ocean stuff are the only things actually comissioned by S-E, and most of them tend to blow ass.

There’s a Kingdom Hearts anime? I know there’s a manga…

Is “Spiral” connected in any way to the Japanese novel of the same name (which was, in turn, the basis for “The Ring”?) I see a common theme of creepy children there…

Only manga, same as DQ.

Originally Posted by fractyl2
Other than Final Fantasy, Full Metal Alchemist, and Spiral, there is the Toku-Super Hero parody Sun-Red. If it gets dubbed in the US, I expect Adult Swim to air it.

I doubt that it’ll be shown by AS unless it gets a Shit-Chan dub (not that I have any problem with Shit-Chan or it’s dub, so much as I refer to it as Shit-Chan to differentiate it from the source material which is comprised of about 30 percent potty humor instead of the 90+ percent in the dub).

Wilfredo Martinez: The Full title is “Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning”, it is dubbed by Funanimation (FMA, DBZ, Shinchan).

Seraphim Ephyon: The genre is fantasy in its forms. Besides, I know there are done by different artists, but I do expect a rare indirect cameo. Also, a new reboot of the FMA anime is to air in April 09.

Killmore: I expect do a “Funimation Shinchan” dub(as well as the KR Den-O + Shinn-O special). But maybe it be 40% US hero/pop culture references and 60% tokusatsu/power rangers references.

You’d be much more likely to see RPG references in anime that delve into the otaku culture like Genshiken, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei, Welcome to the NHK, and Lucky Star than any show SE happens to publish the manga of.

Higurashi is horror/suspense thriller, Soul Eater is shonen action and Seto is a show about Kenshiro, his mermaid swordsman yakuza wife, Etna and the Terminator. I’m just kinda baffled at what in the world you see as a link other than “it’s fiction”. And no, you don’t get any parodies however vague in any of them even though Higurashi is even done by one of the biggest FF/DQ nerds on earth. That’s what I’m getting at, if you’re looking for that, you’re looking in the completely wrong place.

Also, what Gamer said. Slice-of-life/otaku culture stuff has references to this stuff. PPD derives it’s nonexistent humour entirely from that. Self-contained shows with an actual plot, even moreso serious ones, do not. And whatever you get, there’s a 10 to 1 chance it’ll be Dragon Quest, not Final Fantasy.

I watched most of Spiral quite awhile ago. It is a mystery anime where the main hero matches wits against the Blade Children who seem to have it out for him. The super smart main hero makes it a little like Case Closed, but a lot less focus on solving small cases and more focus on surviving encounters with super smart serial killers while trying to solve the main mystery of who are the Blade Children. The main weakness of the show is that it asks questions like “who are the Blade Children” and never answers them. So it is like getting the first half of a mystery novel.

Personally, I would recommend staying away from it because I dislike how the show focuses so heavily on never answered mysteries. In the show’s defense, I heard that the manga was rarely updated.

I also watched this show, and I second not watching it unless you’re really in the mood for a total lack of resolution. I do think it’s sort of funny that they didn’t even make up a solution as has been done for other shows where the manga is incomplete, but it’s not the first anime that’s been left hanging.

No, they are different from what I remember.

Basically all Square-Enix gets is GORAN NO SUPONSA NO TEIKYOU DE OKURISHIMASU and their logo displayed for like 2 seconds

Kids who are missing a rib.

If that’s not reason enough to genocide the whole lot of them, I don’t know what is. Freaks. [/sarcasm]

Yeah the many mysteries left unanswered killed the show. It had good pedigree. It wasn’t necessarily a bad show but it was just so underwhelming compared to alot of them, especially since ones like Naruto and Bleach are so critically and fan acclaimed. Take out all the unexplained stuff and the anime scores go up dramatically. I liked Yaiba’s secret society though, it was sort of interesting.