Square-Enix and Nintendo sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G...


Yes, you’re welcome.

The next-gen DQ game is going to be for the Wii.

If they do Final Fantasy for the Wii too then Sony is screwed like no gaming company has ever been.

Yeah I saw a video of it a few months ago. It looks very interesting. What’s kind of annoying about this is that you have little control over where you go. If you’re on a road, you go forward or backward. You can’t go in the field, for example. This limits the controls, but prevents it from becoming a Zelda clone. The question is whether or not the game is fun to play despite the lack of control over how you move.

Although I should be very grateful its not a Zelda clone. The latest iteration to the series has confirmed how much I disliked the 3D zeldas.

While I am practically sending the stock of pants-making companies to new heights over the idea of Nintendo and S-E in bed together, please remember that the Final Fantasy game for the GC hardly won Nintendo the last round.

Indeed, but this time Sony is counting on its monopoly over potential new FF titles to sell PS3.

Technically this is the next-gen DQ-Swords game, a spin-off series that hasn’t really seen light outside of Japan yet. It’s like saying Dragon Quest Monsters Joker is the next DQ game. :wink: But I’m just being nitpicky.

I’m willing to wait to see how the game comes along, and how fun it looks, but I have high hopes for it.

Yeah I can’t wait for it. Back before the launch of the Wii this was supposed to be one of many launch titles. I think Sony’s already effed up without Nintendo hooking up with SE. But a FF for the Wii would seal Sony’s fate.

FFCC wasnt a true FF. It was a botched experiment.

Exactly. And while the creators say this is meant as the next main-line DQ, they’re tinkering with things that haven’t changed since the late 80s, things that mortals weren’t meant to fiddle with. Tower of Babel, anyone?

But, then again their expirement might actually work like Viewitiful Joe or Resident Evil 4.

what’s of importance here is the fact that the nintendo ds will be getting the next true DQ game. Murders, riots and rapes and trampeling will surely occur on the day of it’s release in japan!

…but will it be as bad as the DQIII release?

it doesn’t matter if it’s good or not… the japanese populace will eat it up! and so help them if anyone stands in their way, that anyone will surely get hurt :stuck_out_tongue:

…The one from Xenogears or the one from the Bible?

This is very good news. The only reason I was thinking I might buy a PS3 was for Final Fantasy since, while I haven’t played all that much of it, the lastest FF has really caught my attention. Now Sony won’t have anything to hold over my head.

While this si a side story and not a full-on DQ, it is still nice since DQ9 will be the the DS and now here is another game for Nintendo. This mostly just shows that Square-Enix has more than just a one game wonder planned for Nintendo.

couFFVIIgh!!! :toast:

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Tower of Babel, anyone?

…The one from Xenogears or the one from the Bible?

I think he means the one in Illusion of Gaia. Or was he refering to FFIV’s?:thinking:

I remembered the one from RPGC.

I do believe its above your heads, as the Tower of Babel was closed quite some time prior to your joining.

Or maybe he is talking about a game, but its more likely the above.