How the fuck do I get rid of this shit? O_o I already looked it up on <a href=“http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spywarestrike”>wiki</a>, but it won’t lemme delete the files I’m suppose to. And the program it links to requires me to buy it or some shit >_< <b>ANY</b> help would be appreciated.

Tried the standard procedure (spybot & ad-aware) yet?

Can you not remove the registry keys? Or not end the processes? Try booting into safe mode, then removing the keys, if those are the ones giving you trouble.

Also, the program linked in the wiki looks incredibly shady, i wouldn’t bother trying to get it. It was probably linked by someone affiliated with that company.

I fixed it. Had to download a program called SmitRem. Thanks for the suggestions though :smiley: