Sprites in posts

You know, for as long as I’ve posted here at rpgc, people have always used sprites to visually identify themselves. That’s understandable, it’s even kind of cool.

What I don’t understand is why people like Yar and Nutter think that using a whole cast of sprite characters in a post is funny or somehow sets them apart. Personally, I think it’s unneccessary and annoying, but I was just wondering what the rest of you thought.

I don’t think Yar has done it in like a year.

But yes. It’s annoying.

Cammy: Why don’t they like sprite theatre in posts?

Zangief: …? MOTHERLAND!


I flipped out about that shit several times, then I found Firefox and adblock and havnt seen a single one of yar or big nutters sprites since.

Adblock for the win. Serious.

I just don’t read most posts with sprite theatring. No need for browser add-ons.

Its true, I havent read a comment by caitsith in a long time. No offense to the person, but I’d rather hear what he has to say and not Mog.

Yeah, I hate the sprite theatres too. I’ll get around to adblocking eventually.

You’re not missing anything.

I don’t think I’ve seen too many people like the pain in the ass sprite theatres, except for the very simple reason that it is a clear and easy way to indicate why you should skip to the next post.

Yar hasn’t done it in a very long time, and has gotten 20 times cooler as a result.

Edit: Don’t quote this and post “20 TIME ZERO IS STILL ZERO LOWLOZLOOLAWLZ” or anything like that please

Whoohoo, getting bashed for something I don’t actually do anymore.

:hahaha; : lol

But now you’re respected somewhat, and internet respect is the best respect.

I still maintain that it was somewhat funny when Yar did it. At least he had a modicum of wit to go with it.

The problem was most of the jokes were obscure, or only made sense in some obscure context. Knowing him IRL, I knew them, so I didn’t mind, but yeah.

I’m in the same boat as those who don’t like them. I thought Yar’s one was fine since it was a sprite of his avatar, but getting any more than one is just stupid. I still prefer none, since that is sort of a purpose for avatars. Doing the little theatre things though is just beyond any reason. It is like Sin said, they only serve to as an easy notifier of a post not to read.

:hyperven: : Knock Knock
:noway: : Who’s There?
:hyperven: : Orange
:noway: : Orange who?
:hyperven: : Orange you glad I post with stupid sprites?!
:noway: : Huh?

It is sort of annoying. That’s probably why no one reads the mailbag…

Do we still have the mailbag?

There’s a mailbag?

Yeah… Mailbag?