Sprite Comic: Ruin Raiders

Hey, all. Doc Shinryuu here. Wheee! My first post since the Worm! ahem Anyway, this is my sprite comic: Ruin Raiders.

#001: Hey, rather than be rude…
#002: Yeah, so I’m lazy.
#003: Gyoro’s intro -or- Gyoro’s an idiot
#003 Blooper: Note to self- NEVER let Gyoro use Arc Impulse indoors.
#004: Ururun’s intro -or- The obvious has been stated!
#005: Took me long enough!
#006: The first storyline begins -or- Murphy’s Law strikes!
#007: Like you didn’t see that coming a mile off.
#008: Doc isn’t a morning person.
#009: Gyoro isn’t going to live much longer if he keeps this up
#010: URURUN’S SECOND APPEARANCE! -or- Keep an eye on the background
#011: The first job of the storyline -or- Watch the background again
#012: Gyoro falls for his own trick

Well, there you go. Read, laugh, comment.


The sprite work’s fine, but I really don’t get any of the jokes.

You know what I like about that comic? All the text is in the bubbles. And all the sprites don’t have a grainy white outline.* Kudoz to you!

*I’m making fun of Sephiroths comic.

Eh, it’s okay, I guess.

I like irony, so I especially liked the first two comics. It has potential, you could work a little with the backgrounds though. They’re kinda bland.

you should get sprites that have opening mouths. darnit. :suckah:

and #010’s Editted sprite of Zero looks strangely like a 32-bit-version of my sprite i use on Old Timer.

:stuck_out_tongue: I think the mouths look fine, thank you.

checks Old Timer Eep! No similarities intended, I swear! ^o^;

Not horrible, not great. Reminded me of Bob and George.

Its good, but the blooper doesn’t work.

*I’m making fun of Sephiroths comic.

Yeah, aren’t Seph’s comics GREAT? Ok no…no they aren’t…those comics would want to make the Dirty whore known as Satan want to reform.